meet the year 6 staff

Ms Barton

My favourite thing to do is play hockey. I think teamwork, whether you are playing sport or working in school, is very important. I also enjoy challenges and have done some very muddy and tough obstacle runs – it’s great to wade around in mud and climb obstacles, it reminds me of being a child again.

Mrs Smith

I absolutely love to run. I take part in marathons all around the UK. My greatest running achievement is completing the London Marathon in 4 hours and 45 minutes. My favourite style of cooking is Italian, especially the pasta! I have also begun to really enjoy cycling and swimming, I love my active weekends. I became a Nannie for the first time in Dec 2019 and have a beautiful grandson and a granddaughter. 

Mrs Langford

When I’m not at school, I liked to spend time with my family. I have three grownup children and three mischievous granddaughters that keeps me on my toes. At weekends I love to go away in my caravan.

Mrs Gill

My favourite thing to do is cook, I love trying new recipes and spicy foods are a must! I love spending quality time with my family, especially my 3 nieces and 2 nephews! They definitely keep me on my toes. My favourite animals are elephants and dogs. My mission is to get a puppy (well, I can’t have an elephant can I?).

Mr Rogers

I have been teaching for 22 years (mostly in Year 6) and especially love to teach maths. When I am not in school, I enjoy lots of sport; I play for a cricket team and run at least 4 times a week. Over the years I have completed many races for different charities – I currently support a charity that helps people with kidney disease.  I live at home with my wife, 2 children … and my cat. Interesting facts about me: I have paraglided over mountains, snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef, ridden on a Bullet Train and been knocked out by a kangaroo. 

Mrs Mullen

When I’m not busy teaching Year 6, I’m with my large family! I have 4 children. Joe who is 16, Ben who is 13 and my twins, Ruth and Will who are 10. Weekends are full of taking the children to activities such as football and kayaking. We also host big Sunday dinners! Our house is full to the brim and always very noisy!