meet the year 6 staff

Ms Barton

My favourite thing to do is play hockey. I think teamwork, whether you are playing sport or working in school, is very important. I also enjoy challenges and have done some very muddy and tough obstacle runs – it’s great to wade around in mud and climb obstacles, it reminds me of being a child again.

Miss Birch

Hi everyone, I am Miss Birch! I have been a teacher for ten years and I really love my job. I am really interested in my hobbies which are kickboxing, being a Brownie leader and reading! I am trying to get fit this year and this has been a great way to work on my target. I also love to read, travel and have new experiences! I have a cat and a dog that are both three years old, they are very good friends! I love working in Year 6 and I enjoy the challenges of the curriculum.

Mrs Smith

I absolutely love to run. I take part in marathons all around the UK. My greatest running achievement is completing the London Marathon in 4 hours and 45 minutes. My favourite style of cooking is Italian, especially the pasta! I have also begun to really enjoy cycling and swimming, I love my active weekends. I became a Nannie for the first time in Dec 2019 and have a beautiful grandson and a granddaughter. 

Mr Morgan

Hello! I love sports. I’ve played football for 16 years now. My greatest achievement in football is winning Club Player of the Year for Clifton All-Whites at the age of 15. I support Chelsea. I have been a Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey season ticket holder for 4 years now. I love being creative. I enjoy creating logos, designs, videos and also love drawing! I’m very much looking forward to working in Year 6 and excited for the new challenges ahead. 

Miss Baverstock

Hello everyone, I am interested in History and love to read. My favourite animals are cats and bears. I have two cats at home called Luna and Ruby, they are quite mischievous and aren’t always the best of friends! I love Disney and my favourite film is The Aristocats. I work in The Butterfly House in the mornings and am looking forward to spending my afternoons in Year 6.