The family support staff are available for you to make appointments to speak to them in private. This might be for something specific related to your child(ren) that you need help with.

You might need support for yourself and need to talk. These meetings are non-judgmental, confidential and an opportunity to solve problems together.

Family Support workshops

Mrs Wilson will be holding themed workshops throughout the year that you can sign up for. They will take place every other Tuesday morning in the ‘Mole Hole’ room off the hall. They will target a range of challenges we face while raising our children.

Some of the themes will include toileting, sleep, behaviour management, emotional well-being, healthy diet, being school ready and many other themes. Her research and expertise is for younger children, but some workshops will suit all.

You may request support on something specific and Mrs Wilson can provide support and information for you, or if you have older children speak to Mrs Perkins and Mrs Wallace.

Mrs Morrell will be following up the sessions with practical activities to complete with your child. These will be linked to the theme of the week and enable you to work with your child to create something together.

Phone calls

You may feel more comfortable speaking on the phone. Let a member of staff know you would like to speak to someone, or find Mrs Wilson/Mrs Wallace/Mrs Perkins in school to arrange a time that is convenient for a call.

These calls are confidential, non-judgemental and a chance for you to solve problems together.