meet the reception staff

Mrs Harris

Hi, I’m Catherine Harris. I Have been teaching for 11 years. I am the Early Years Leader and one of the Assistant heads. I love teaching Early years and fostering a love of learning from a young age. Most of all I love having lots of fun with the children. 

I have just come back to work after Maternity leave. I have a gorgeous baby boy who has just turned one. He is a little ball of energy and keeps me on my toes. If there was an Olympic crawling race towards something you shouldn’t touch he would definitely win!

I have 2 Cats Tinkerbell and Willow. They are both rescue cats. Tink likes to talk to you, she can be a bit grumpy and thinks she is the boss. She does have a soft side and has the occasional cuddle. Willow loves people, food, hair bobbles and playing fetch. Here she is bringing me a rose. I have always been sporty and have played netball for 23 years and still love it. I am looking forward to finding out more about the children and learning about their interests, hobbies and achievements this year.

Mrs Norris

Hello! My name is Claire Norris and I have been working at Dovecote since it opened.  I have three children who keep me busy when I am not at school.  We also have two cats who don’t like each other very much!  I recently started taking ballet lessons.  I am a complete beginner but it’s lots of fun!  I also really enjoy doing muddy obstacle runs. The winter swims are a bit chilly though…   I will spend some of my time in Reception and some of my time in Nursery and I’m looking forward to all the exciting things we are going to do together.  

Mrs Stephenson

Hello I have been teaching for 36 years and I love it! I started off being a year six teacher and have gradually moved to the younger children. I have found my passion in teaching reception children.

I love travelling and spend time volunteering abroad each year. I have worked in Uganda in an orphanage, Sri Lanka, training teachers in a special school and Northern Greece on a refugee camp. 

I love wildlife and have total adoration for elephants!

I run to keep fit and healthy but I don’t find it very easy. I have gradually built up my fitness and can now run around the block without getting breathless!

I have a wonderful little sausage dog called Frank who goes everywhere with me and is quite a character. It talks me a long time to walk him as he has lots of fans who stop to give him a tummy tickle! 

I like singing and am a member of a choir. It is great fun. I have really had to push myself to do this, as I was worried about singing the wrong note! We all make mistakes but it is important just to keep trying and challenging yourself- no matter what age!

I will be working in Reception on Wednesdays and I am looking forward to getting to know your children.

Mrs Watson

Hello! My name is Kerry Watson I will be supporting children in Reception. I have three boys, a dog and a cat. I enjoy visiting my sister in Spain and caravanning on the east coast.

Mrs Sharratt

Hello, my name is Jo Sharratt and I will be supporting children in Reception on a Monday and Tuesday. I have two grown up, sporty boys…. Oliver and Josh. I enjoy swimming, reading and watching my boys play cricket.

Mrs Kendrick

My name is Mrs Kendrick, I have worked at Dovecote for nearly 2 years. I have worked in Nursery and I am excited to be back in reception again this year.

I am a mum to 4 boys who keep me very busy! in my spare time I enjoying walking and going to our caravan in Norfolk.

Mrs Yates

Hi I’m Mrs Yates. I have previously worked in most year groups in school and the Butterfly House. I am looking forward to working back in Early Years and meeting all of you. I have 3 children who are at secondary school. I have a pet dog named Roxy and a pet tortoise called Flash.  I love spending time with my family and going on walks and doing things with my children.