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Cashless School

Due in part to the recent COVID 19 situation and a restructuring of our Admin and Finance teams, we have taken the hard decision to become a cashless school.  

This means that from September, the school office will no longer be accepting cash payments for dinners, milk, or school trips and all payments will need to be made through our online payment provider SchoolGateway. You can make a card payment through their app (iOS, Android, or Browser), or by a special PayPoint voucher in any local PayPoint shop, available on request. 

If you haven’t already, you will need to register for access at https://login.schoolgateway.com/

Registration is quick and easy, however, as SchoolGateway is linked to our main School Information System, for the security of your information, you will need to check that we have an up-to-date email address and mobile number for you.  

You can let us know by phoning the school office or emailing admin@dovecote.nottingham.sch.uk

SchoolGateway is also your one-stop-shop for checking your child’s attendance, dinner or trip balance, and communicating directly with the main office. It also displays lots of helpful information from the school website, calendar, and payment logs. 

Additional information regarding September.

Dear Families,

Mrs Guy-Clark and I have been in school throughout the current partial closure. This means that we have lived with this situation and the new regulations (which change on a daily basis!) for the last 4 months so as we plan for September, things may make sense to us in our heads. Following the information that was sent out last week, some people have contacted us asking for clarification on certain things;

Shorter days;

The pupils will be in class for 5 hours a day Monday to Thursday and 3 hours on a Friday morning.

This is a total of 23 hours. As there will be no assemblies, no whole school singing, no computing, In Harmony or PPA cover, no afternoon break, and a 45-minute lunch break instead of 1 hour, the children will actually be in class with their teacher for longer than they were previously.

Friday pm closure;

All teaching staff is entitled to 10% of the week for planning, preparation, and assessment (PPA). This is usually covered by 4 members of staff teaching the classes on a rota basis. As the year groups will be in bubbles to restrict contact between year groups and reduce the number of adults they come in to contact with, it will not be possible to run it in this way. Like many schools, we have decided to provide this time for the whole school in one session, namely Friday afternoon. This will also allow for enhanced cleaning of the whole school ready for Monday morning. All children will have a dinner before the school closes.

Year group ‘bubbles’;

Each year group will have two teachers and two or three support staff. There will be no mixing of staff or pupils across year groups. This means that the teaching will be intensive and focused. All subject leaders have identified the key learning objective to be covered in the first half term to bridge the learning gap.

Staggered start and finish times;

The government guidelines clearly state that pupils, and accompanying adults, should arrive and leave at different times. By utilizing all three entrance gates, we are able to limit the number of start times to three - nursery is the only group with a 9.15 start time so for the main school this is actually 2, 8.45, and 9.00.

We are aware that children in years reception and two, and years 1 and 3 have the same start time but enter through different gates. If this is going to cause a problem, please contact the school and we can see if we can make individual arrangements.

Classroom set up;

In line with the current guidelines, rooms in years 1 – 6 are set up with the children sat at desks facing forward. They will spend all day in their rooms although not necessarily sat at their desk, or outside and will not have access to any other part of the school. They will be spending a lot of time outside and the doors and windows will be open so please make sure the children are dressed appropriately.

Social distancing;

In September, there is currently no expectation that primary school pupils need to socially distance. This means that pupils can come onto the campus as and when they arrive and wait by their classroom entrance. Any marking on the pavement or playground is for adults to maintain social distancing. Please help us by adhering to these markings.

How long:

These arrangements have been put in place using the current government guidelines and with the school principle that all pupils will be returning to the class, the classroom, and the teacher that they had in March.

Assuming there is no change to the national or local picture, pupils will ‘move up’ to their new class with their new teacher after October half term and a revised plan will be issued.

Please keep a close eye on the school website as this is where any updates will be posted. This may be during the holiday if the situation changes.

I hope that this clarifies things for everyone.

Andy Jenkins and Ruth Guy-Clark

Parent information and Agreement for September 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,

We are really looking forward to welcoming all of our pupils back to school in September. We have made sure that we have followed government guidelines and put lots of things in place to ensure that we make the environment as safe as we possibly can. This of course means some new procedures, which must be followed. All up to date information will be on the school website, which you must check regularly.

As you know the children are returning to the class and room that they left in March. We will change classes after October half term. The two classes in each Year Group will form a Year Group ‘bubble’. The children in each year group bubble won’t mix with any other children in school. Each Year Group has 5 or 6 staff.  Attendance in school will again become statutory for all school-aged children from September.

Pupils will return to school on Thursday 3rd September. Walking or cycling to school is encouraged rather than public transport. Year groups will have slightly different start and finish times and will only be able to enter and leave the school grounds by one particular gate. Adults must follow social distancing guidelines, 2m where possible, when they are waiting at the gates and walking through the grounds.  If you have children in more than one-year group, you will need to leave the site by the correct gate and then re-enter by the correct gate at the correct time for the other children. Parents won’t be able to go across/through the site.  Only one adult will be able to accompany each pupil but won’t be able to enter the building. If you need to speak to staff this will need to be by phone. Children will be greeted by staff at the door or outside area.

(Remember that the Year group is the one that they were in when lockdown started.)

A major change is that school will close to pupils on Friday lunchtime.  

Year Group






Brinkhill gate




Fri 12.30pm

Nursery outside area


Brinkhill gate




Fri 12.15pm

Rec outdoor area

Year 1

Brinkhill gate




Fri 12.00

Year 1 outdoor area

Year 2

Main pedestrian gate




Fri 12.15pm

Year 2/3 door

Year 3

Main pedestrian gate




Fri 12.00

Year 2/3 door

Year 4

Gate by site managers house




Fri 12.15pm

Classroom fire doors

Year 5

Gate by site managers house




Fri 12.00


Classroom fire doors

Pupils will be expected to wear school uniform, and this will not need to be cleaned any more often than usual. Please make sure that any essential medication is returned to school and that an agreement has been signed.

 The Year 1- 6 pupils will not have to socially distance from each other but will be required to socially distance from adults. The youngest pupils are not expected to socially distance. The classrooms in Years 1 – 6 will be set out with all the desks facing one way and each pupil will have their own resources with nothing needing to be shared. In Nursery and Reception there will be smaller numbers for group times with rules for how the children are positioned. Pupils will be learning through play and all resources will be cleaned daily. There will be other systems in place to ensure safety while still meeting learning needs. Windows and doors will be kept open so pupils will need warm clothes on a chilly day. Pupils in Yr. 1- 6 will need to sit at their seats in the classroom and won’t be able to walk around. Children won’t need to bring anything from home apart from a packed lunch, if they have one, a coat and a named bottle with water. These will be kept in the classroom. School meals will be available as normal and will be served to the pupils at their classrooms. Lunches will be eaten in the classrooms with the possibility of two bubbles using the dining hall.

We will ensure that handwashing and hand sanitising is done on arrival and at regular intervals during the day and we will stress how important it is to minimising the risk of infection. There are detailed protocols to follow if anyone has coronavirus symptoms. These are in the parent agreement. Parents must ensure that school have at least two up to date contact numbers and inform school immediately of any changes.

If pupils wear face coverings, they will need to remove them when they arrive in school. They should not touch the front of their face covering. They will need to put the face covering in a plastic bag to take home and clean their hands before and after removing them. Staff will not be wearing face coverings in school.

Our school rules and behaviour policy remain the same with the exception that sanctions will be carried out by Year group staff. As always, we will support and encourage pupils to make positive behaviour choices and to follow the new rules specific to the Covid situation.  Deliberate behaviour choices that increases the risk of infection will be seen as a serious incident.

We know and understand that this time continues to be very worrying for many adults and children. When we return to school we will be focussing on the children’s wellbeing; making them feel welcome, connected and safe. This has to happen before they can learn. If you or your child feels exceptionally anxious about the return to return to school and/or you feel that we need to know about anything that has happened during lockdown, please contact school to discuss it.       

Please read the Parent/School Agreement carefully. We will assume that in reading it you have agreed to it.

Yours Sincerely,

Ruth Guy-Clark
Deputy Headteacher

 Parent/School Agreement

 September 2020


  • I will adhere to all social distancing requirements put in place by the school. These apply at school and in the community. 
  • I will ensure my child is at school for the agreed start time and collected at the agreed finish time. 
  • I will only enter and leave the school grounds via the specified gate  
  • Only one adult, if any, will accompany my child. 
  • I will walk to school and avoid public transport if possible 
  • I understand that I cannot enter the school building and will call or email if I need to contact a member of staff
  • I will provide my child with a named water bottle
  • I understand that if anyone (pupil or adult) in the ‘Year group bubble’ has tested positive for the virus, everyone in that bubble will need to self-isolate for 14 days. 
  • I understand that if my child displays symptoms, currently defined as new persistent cough, high temperature or loss of sense of taste or smell, they will be isolated in the school library, with an adult and I will be required to collect them immediately. 
  • If my child has symptoms, I will request a test from www.nhs.uk/coronavirus or call 119, and inform the test and trace service.  
  • If my child displays symptoms, they will not be able to return to school until they have a negative test result or after 14 days. 
  • If I am contacted by the test and trace service, to say that I or my child has been in contact with someone who has tested positive, I will ensure that we self-isolate for 14 days
  • I understand that my child will spend all day in their ‘Year group bubble’ and will not mix with any other Year groups during the school day. 
  • I understand that the children will spend a significant amount of time outside  
  • I understand that the guiding principle of any first aid administered will be ‘safety first’ and I may be contacted for an injury that would usually be dealt with in school. 
  • I understand that no ‘contact’ first aid will be administered except in an emergency. 
  • I will make sure that school have at least two contact numbers and I will let school know immediately of any changes 
  • I will follow the school’s procedures around attendance  

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