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Dovecote House System

At Dovecote, all children from Reception to Year six are placed in a ‘House’.

There are six Houses at Dovecote, all given an identifying colour and named after a Nottingham park. The houses are Bestwood (orange), Colwick (light blue) Highfields (royal blue), Ruddington (Purple), Sherwood (Green) and Wollaton (Red).

The children are allocated House Points during the week for various reasons. A full week’s punctual attendance will earn them 5 House Points. If they remain on the green side of the board, in accordance with the Behaviour Policy, they will also be given 5 House Points. Other House Points may be given during the week for either conduct or learning, according to the class teacher or other adults. These are all added up on a Friday and the scores are displayed in the Main School Hall.

During the year many special events and competitions give the children extra opportunities to earn House Points. Success at Sports Day and contributions to Children in Need and Sports/Comic Relief will earn the children extra Points. Each House has a ‘Captain’ and these children meet with Mr Norris fortnightly to come up with ideas for competitions.  During the year we try to devise competitions that will give rewards to a wide range of skills and talents, including Writing, Maths, Art, PE and Music.

The winners of the House Competition are rewarded with a day out, to the park of their house name. All children and staff, from reception to Year 6 who are in that house go on the trip. For more details see our latest news page.

House Colour Pop-Up Shop

From September 2019, we will be running a house colour pop-up shop. If you would like to donate any house colour or dressing up clothes, please bring them to the office.

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