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Beautiful Biology

Biology is the study of living things. Below are some ideas to learn more about Biology at home. 

30 Days Wild! Throughout June from the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Throughout the month of June you can take part in 30 Days Wild for free! Just head over to the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust    to sign up and receive a free resource pack. There are also lots of ideas for things to make and do to connect to nature all whilst staying at home. 

30 days wild

Chester Zoo Live!

Chester Zoo are providing LIVE videos of various different animals at the zoo whilst it is closed, learn how the zoo keepers look after the animals and about endangered species. Click the link below or search on YouTube.  

Chester Zoo Live

chester zoo giraffe1

NTU Peregrine Falcon Cam Live!

Nesting at the top of one of Nottingham Trent University's buildings in the city centre is a peregrine falcon! Each year watch live as the eggs are incubated, hatch and grow! Click the link below. 

Peregrine Falcon Nest Cam

peregrine falcon1

Twycross Zoo Live!

Check out Twycross Zoo on social media and on their website where they are uploading videos of the animals and about conservation. 

Twycross Zoo Link


City Nature Challenge-Nottingham

It was Nottingham's first time entering the City Nature Challenge and even though it was the smallest city taking part in the competition over 2700 observations were made over the weekend including over 673 different species! Well done if you took part! 

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city nature challenge
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