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Welcome to Music at Dovecote

Music at Dovecote

We are very proud of our musical achievements at Dovecote. Over the last few years we have had children performing in front of their own parents, at the Royal Festival Hall in London and even , once, to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. We have had numerous children passing their grade exams and music medals. Most importantly we have had our children discovering the joy of playing a music instrument and listening to music.

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Christmas in the city

Every December we take part in Nottingham's 'Christmas in th City' event at either the Concert Hall or the Albert Hall. Last year we had 14 of our pupils playing alongside the Area Bands. It is a magical event and a real thrill for the children to play such prestigous venues in front of large audiences.

Genre of the Term

Every Half Term we have a different style of music called 'Genre of the Term'. This is desiged to get our children hearing music they wouldn't necessarily experience otherwise. We encourage the children to listen to examples of this music and form their own opinions - even if those opinions are negative!! We have been doing this since January 2016 and have included such a wide variety as Holst, Hans Zimmer, Folk, The Beatles, Musicals, Music from Russia, Beethoven and Queen.

We try to have a variety of choices in a school year. Ideally it would include selections that include classical music and different cultures as well as important figures in popular music.

Our choices in 2020'21 are.....

Autumn 1:  Music of Black Origin

                              Music of Black Origin


This term we want to celebrate the many genres of music that have their origin in black culture. Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Soul, Hip-Hop - the list is endless. So many major superstars and great songs.

Below are some teacher's favourites from this genre. Let us know yours (pupils and parents!)



Bob Marley

Mr Norris' pick is 'Redemption Song' by Bob Marley.  I love Bob's music and have many favourites but this one stands out a bit for me. It has a different style - I love the fingerpicking guitar sound - and the lyrics are really meaningful.

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