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Everyone is a mathematician... Have fun with maths...

Maths News @ Dovecote

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Our free trial of Numbots for Key Stage 1 is coming to an end. We hope your child has had fun using the games and that they are developing more confidence with their counting and number facts. Please follow the link to complete this parent questionnaire to help us make decisions to use Numbots in future. It won't take very long!


Thank you in advance.

If you would rather complete a paper version please ask your child's teacher for a copy or you could download the document below. Your child will get the chance to feedback too.

Free Summer Workbooks

MorrisonsMorrisons message(1)Summer workbooks

This is fantastic news to help you and your child keep maths skills going over the summer holidays. Please ask in the shop for your child's current year group workbook, unless their teacher has advised otherwise. If you aren't sure please ask or email Mrs Loughran at: 


Maths @ Dovecote


Read our Intent, Implement and Impact statement for Maths at Dovecote.

Maths No Problem!

Our Maths Curriculum follows the structure of the Maths No Problem Scheme of work for Years 1-6. Here is an overview of the year. You can read further details in the year group documents below. 


Coming soon - our ammended plan for a recovery curriculum.

The Maths No Problem series is a highly structured, mastery approach and is designed to ensure all children make good progress in maths and attain the expected level for their age. It involves using resources, group work and problem-solving in a fun and engaging way. The children are encouraged to explore multiple methods and explain their ideas fully using accurate mathematical vocabulary. Here are three of the main methods the children become familiar with throughout their maths learning journey at Dovecote. 

Ten framesNumber bondsBar model

Watch the parent videos using the link below to find out more. 


Teaching for Mastery

MNP teaching for Mastery

A teaching for mastery approach ensures that children work at a slower pace in order to deepen their learning. They work in small, focused steps to develop their long term memory rather than over-loading their working memory. It is important that they know rules in mathematics but just as important is understanding and knowing why they work. Making connections within their maths learning enables children to become confident with problem solving. 

Another way of understanding the mastery approach is to think of some of the things you do automatically, or without thinking. You have reached mastery of a task, activity or area of learning if you can teach someone else how to do it too. Look at these examples.




Dovecote subscribes to MyMaths for online lessons, homework and games. This resource has become more important to us than ever over the past months whilst your children are at home. Here are some reminders to help you get the most out of this resource. Remember you can email class teachers or Mrs Loughran at year2@dovecote.school 

School Login 

Username - dovecote

Password - square112


Each pupil in years 1-6 has a personal login to access their homework tasks. The games and lessons can be accessed with just the school login. Get in touch if your child has lost theirs or needs a reminder. 

Support for parents

Here is a link to some help on the MyMaths website and a walk through video if you would like more information. 


Class teachers set a weekly task and can see which children have had a go. Look out for messages they leave as feedback. If the maths is tricky remember there is a lesson to go with the task. If more help is needed drop an email to the class teacher who will be happy to help.

Still looking for more maths? Why not get your child to choose a topic and have a look at the other lessons or games. Let us know your favourite games.

Times Table Songs

The super talented Sara King from the Nottingham Music Hub has created these fantastic Times Table songs for use in the school and by pupils and parents at home. All KS2 children  have been given a CD and book of the songs. Lower Years will receive theirs this Autumn term.  



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