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Modern Foreign Languages

  • We have a specialist teacher of Spanish and a special Spanish classroom
  • We learn through songs, rhymes, stories and games
  • We engage in role play with Spanish puppets
  • Use ‘Spanish glasses’ to practise Spanish phonics!
  • Present recorded weather forecasts- in Spanish
  • Learn to Salsa dance
  • Study Spanish artists
  • Run and participate in a very successful and exciting Spanish Café called Café Palomar which happens to be the Spanish word for a dovecote!


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¿Habla español?

Well, we do at Dovecote Primary School right from Nursery through to Year 6!!! Spanish has been part of our curriculum for almost 8 years giving the children opportunities to not only learn the rudiments of a foreign language but also to develop their understanding of the cultural aspects of the far-reaching Spanish speaking world – ask our Year Three children and between them, they can name over 20 Spanish speaking countries!!

Our children progress from first word utterances in Nursery to more extended conversations and reading and writing more complex passages in year 6. They develop in confidence, understanding of language in general as well as broadening their cultural awareness. Our school fully embraces Spanish Learning with displays and language prompts in each classroom.

Français aussi!

For part of the summer term, our Year 6 pupils are given the opportunity to apply their acquired language learning skills to French taster sessions. 

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