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English Studies @ Dovecote

English learning at Dovecote Primary School

Welcome to the English studies page at Dovecote. Here you can find out more information about the fun and exciting ways we use English at Dovecote.

Home Learning

These suggested lists of books could be read by children to continue their reading learning at home. There are lists for KS1, years 3 & 4, and ear 5 & 6.


Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

Reading Cafe

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Reading Newsletters

English Festival 2020

On Monday the 20th of January, Dovecote hosted an English festival. The children were emmersed in English in all its aspects. Farnborough and Emmanuel were represented by staff and pupils and the National Literacy Trust also made an appearance. 

On the day, the children had the opportunity to meet some professional authors and a poet. Janathan Emmett, author of How the Borks Became and Prince Ribbit, and Darren Simpson, author of Scavengers, will be there, as will Andy Tooze, The Poet from the Peaks. 

English festival

Reading Ambassadors

Our Reading Ambassadors are a group of year 5/6 children who have a strong passion for reading or books. They want to share this passion with other children so they organise lots of different events and activities to encourage children to find the pleasure in reading. They organise assemblies, reading clubs and reading based assemblies. They also ensure the library is ready for childrne to use and supervise during lunchtime so children have a place to relax and read. 

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Whole-class reading

Our approach to the teaching of reading is delivered through a whole-class format. We base our teaching and questioning around the VIPERS question stems. Our 'reading dogs' help children remember these readign skills and teachers ensure that they are explicitely taught and modelled to help scaffold the children's learning.Image result for vipers reading"

Our world class library

Our library has been developed into a wolrd class space in which children can learn, relax and find pleasure in thier reading. We have partnered up with the Education Library Service so that the books we have on offer for the children to enjoy is changed half-termly. Our dream is that there is a book in there for every child to be inpired by. During lunchtimes, the library is open for children to read and relax. 

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