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The Book Led Curriculum

The following books must be covered in each year group as part of our book-led curriculum.  Teachers are free to select the other three books for the book-led themes in their class according to their own and the children’s interests and needs.  Teaching should be planned around the books and their themes incorporating cross-curricular links and also referring to the Pie Corbett Imitate, Innovate, Invent cycle. 

Lower Years Curriculum

Nursery 1 & Nursery 2 (two rolling – 4 books per year)

1. Little Red Riding Hood
2. We’re going on a Bear Hunt
3. Three Little Pigs
4. Handa’s Surprise

5. Gingerbread Man
6. Walking through the Jungle
7. Goldilocks
8. Brown Bear


1. Little Rabbit Foo Foo
2. Smartest Giant in Town
3. Whatever Next

Year 1

1. Charlie’s superhero underpants
2. Mrs Armitage on wheels
3. The Kiss That Missed

Year 2

1. Night Pirates inc Poetry
2. On the Way Home
3. Julia Donaldson theme

Upper Years Curriculum

Year 3

1. The Iron Man
2. Oi! Get off our train
3. George’s Marvellous Medicine

Year 4

1. Firework Makers Daughter
2. Zathura
3. Greek Myths

Year 5

1. Kensuke’s Kingdom
2. Clockwork
3. Shakespeare's  Tragedies)

Year 6

Journey to the Riversea

More information about our curriculum can be found in the following document:

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