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Computing @ Dovecote.

Here at Dovecote, we offer one of the best mixed Computer Science and ICT curriculums to our pupils.

  • They find out how the world around them in interconnected in unexpected ways.
  • About the history of micro computers through to the modern personal computer and how to make their own.
  • They also learn how to be safe online from bullying, phishing, and grooming to how to avoid virus', malware and ransomware.
  • They also visit strange new worlds, have a look inside their bodies and visit the great wall of china and the international space station via a combination of the latest AR & VR technologies. (Alternate Reality and Virtual Reality).
  • And when they return to earth, they learn the process of creating computer and mobile programs using the core concepts of: Logic, Algorithms, Decomposition, Patterns, Abstractions and Evaluation.

With our dedicatied computing suite and access to iPads & Android tablets, our highly trained staff are able to provide this comprehensive curriculum in a fun and exciting way.

Ofsted Safety Online Webinar

Join this free webinar from Ofsted, on Wednesday 31st Jan 2018 | 7-8pm, to hear more about the role we all play in keeping children safe online. In particular:

  • startegies for keeping children safe online.
  • ​danger signs and how to spot them.
  • what to do when things don't feel right.



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