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Newstead Abbey Camp 2017

Happy campers

Last week Year 2 had a fantastic time camping at Newstead Abbey. All the children enjoyed being outdoors despite the drizzle and a crow trying to steal our food. We had a tour of the Abbey and found out about some of the people that have lived there in the past, including Lord Byron. We know he liked his pet dogs and his favourite was a Newfoundland called Boatswain, who used to rescue him from drowning in the lake. Later on in the day we tried the climbing wall and made arty creations with natural materials. In the evening we settled around the campfire and enjoyed some very welcomed evening sunshine. Damo taught us how to toast marshmallows and we made them into delicious smores with chocolate digestives. After some hot chocolate a storyteller visited and got us nicely settled ready for our sleep under the stars.

A very big thank you to all the children who attended. Your behaviour was excellent and it meant that everyone had a great deal of fun.

Mrs Loughran

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