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Latest School News 2018 / 2019

Pupil School Development Plan 2018

# Wake up Wednesday - Stamping out bullying online.


Children in Need 2018 - 'Do your thing'


It's that time of year, when the BBC bring Pudsey to the nation. On Friday the 16th of November the BBC will be raising funds for Children around the world.

We at Dovecote have been proud sponsers year after year, and this year is no different. 

The theme this year is 'Do your Thing' and will be a free dress day. Better yet, why not come in ' your thing', be it clothes that show your: sport, hobby or favorite character.

We suggest a donation of £1, all of which goes to Children in Need. There will also be the pennies (or 2s, 5s or 10p) for Pudsey.

Headteacher Update - September 2018

Welcome to a new school year. A special warm welcome to any families new to the school.

Not quite the start to the year we had planned with the building work over running into September, but we are back on track now. We haven’t had to test the heating system yet, but fingers crossed. Once again, thank you for your understanding over the delayed opening, but the building really wasn’t safe to bring the children back.

You should have all received your year group parent information packs now, and we hope you found them useful.

Your children may have been talking about our new way of teaching maths – Maths No Problem. We had a parent information meeting about this last term and we will re-run this in a couple of weeks now the children are using it on a daily basis.

As ever, we have a number of exciting events planned.

Wednesday 26th September is our harvest assembly. As always, we will be donating any gifts of food to the Clifton Foodbank.

Thursday 27th September is our first ever Dovecote English Festival. Details have already been sent and it promises to be a day full of exciting and original activities. We hope you can join us for the relevant part of the day – fingers crossed for sunshine!

Friday 4th October is an INSET day – the traditional Goose Fair Friday INSET.

The Autumn term parents’ meetings are 3.30 – 6.00 on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th October and Friday 19th October is the last day of half term. We return on Monday 5th November (remember remember the 5th of November).

Dovecote English Festival

Join us for a day of fun and excitment as we visit the Dovecote English Festival.


We're Back!

Yes, the builders have left. The teachers have worked wonders and finally, the school is ready. Are you? 

We look forward to welcoming each and every one of you to school tomorrow (Wednesday the 5th). To share in what you have done and to look forward to the exciting things we have planned for this year.

With trips to places far and wide, and visits from leading experts. Learning has never been so exciting, and of course educational. 


School Building Works Update

It is with regret that we have had to postpone the first day of school this year. During the holidays there have been vital building works conducted throughout the school and unfortunately, these works have overrun. We have therefore had to take the precaution of remaining closed for an extra day. This decision was not taken lightly; however, the safety of the children and staff must be our overriding concern. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience that we know this will cause, but look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday the 5th September.

Latest School News - 2017 / 2018

All good things...

Another year ends, and reluctantly our Year 6 children move on to bigger and greater things. But not without, first, saying goodbye in their own unique style...

Year 6 Swish Swish Video_1.mp4

House Winners 2018

Congratulations to Wollaton house, our champions for 2018. As an end of year treat; Every child, from Wollaton house, in school had a great day out to Wollaton Hall. I think you can tell by the pictures that they had fun...

Kingswood 2018

In 2018, a bunch of intrepid adventurers made their way to Kingswood for fun and excitment. These are just some of the things they got up to during their stay.

Year 1 trip to Wollaton Hall

Our year 1's stepped into their time machine and took a trip back to 1580 to meet Sir Francis Willoughby at his newly built Wollaton Hall. During their stay, they had lessons in dancing, making owl biscuits and even had time to play with some of the toys, before presenting their dance to Queen Elizabeth (the first). A great time was enjoyed by all, and they even made it back before the end of day.

Easter Activities

We had great fun during our Easter activities. With an Easter bonnet parade, egg displays, egg rolling and racing.
You can check out all the fun here.

World Book Day!

All through the school, not a sound you could hear. The snow had come down. What to do? Oh Dear!
Should we open up and expect to be stuck or close after everyone has brought clothes?
No, came the shout from throughout the land, a little snow will not stop us and in they did bound.
And so, it was that World Book Day was saved, as Princesses and Wolf’s came in shaking snow from their cloaks.
What a day of fun and good cheer was had by all, from that castle upon Brinkhill. (technically Greencroft but it doesn't rhyme).

Year 5 Sea Life visit

The joys of the deep, explored by our intrepid Year 5's. 

Year 5 visit to Notts County

Our year 5's were lucky enough to visit the Notts County ground today. Viewing the pitch and trophy room as well as the dressing rooms, where they sat in the players' seats. All topped off by visiting pitch side where they sat in the players' enclosure. NCFC managers in the making?

Purple day for World Cancer.

We are so proud of the children at Dovecote for coming together and celebrating Purple Day, our annual World Cancer Day, with all proceeds going to MacMillan.

Christmas Fair 2017

A HUGE thank you to everyone that supported us, by coming to the Christmas fair and joining in the fun & excitement. 

Reception & Year 1 Christmas Play (Dove Actually)

Unfortunately, due to GDPR we are unable to share many of the great photos or video on the website. If you would like to see the full version, please contact your child's teacher for more information.

This year's play is entitled Dove Actually, and is a modern take on the classic story of Mary and Joseph who seek somewhere to have their baby. Along the way they meet Angels, Fairies, Wise Kings (and Queens), A group of Spidermen, The Avengers and of course Batman and Batgirl. Well, why not!

Christmas has never been so festive!

Reception's Outdoor Area - Update

IMG_1033outdoor area(1)

The outdoor area is currently a work in progress. The children have enjoyed exploring mark making and water play, among other activities. If anyone is willing to volunteer their time in the future, such as by helping us to paint the fence, that would be gratefully received!

Chester Zoo

Year 4 visited Chester Zoo to compliment their topic work. 

QMC come to visit

Our year 6 classes were visited today and given some valuable lessons in life-saving by staff from the local QMC hospital. They were taught techniques for providing medical assistance, such as using the recovery position and deliberators.  One of our lucky students even managed to try out a neck brace for size. A valuable lesson that we hope no one will ever need to use.


Band Camp

Recently, members of our school went to Band Camp to: learn more about music, meet fellow musicians and to perform music. Here are a few pictures from their time on Camp.

Dovecote Toddlers are Back!

Dovecote Toddler Group

Marvellous Me is Here.

Get wonderful news about your child's learning and success.

We are delighted to let you know that we will be using MarvellousMe to keep you informed of your child's activities and achievements in school.

Marvellous Me is an exciting app, for iOS or Android, smartphones and tablets, or through the Marvellous Me website, which tells you about the wonderful learning, and pings you when they've been praised for good work or skill.

You can find out more at our MarvellousMe launch page. 

Please note, that parent join code letters will be sent home during the first week back at school.  

Summer Tea Party Grand Total...

A HUGE thank you to everyone that supported us at the Summer Tea Party. With your help, we raised over £900 for the school. With the money, we plan to renovate a rather unappealing area of the playground into a new social area, with new tables and seating for the children to sit in the shade of a large tree and work, play, socialise or just chill.

Nursery Family Picnic

The sunshine came out for us and we had a wonderful day at the picnic. Families worked together to spot landmarks, complete tasks and find mini-beasts around the park. Everyone did very well and won a prize.

After all the hard work, we had built up an appetite. We enjoyed our picnic under the trees.

It was then time for fun and games. We had lots of fun playing with PE equipment with our friends and we went on the park.

We finished off a lovely day with parachute games.

Thank you to everyone that came and made it such a fantastic day.

5 Star food hygiene award

Congratulations to our hard working kitchen staff, who have been awarded the full 5 stars, by the food standards agency, for food hygiene.

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