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Follow these links for more InHarmony lessons fromNottingham Music Hub - there are lessons for with and without instruments. Have fun!





Don't forget! [Nottingham Music Hub reminder]

Music Maestros is also going along side Babethandaza with this deadline being the 6th July. Here is a trailer for anyone who wants to find out more:

Found on YouTube using the search for: Music Maestros Trailer

Anyone can record a piece that they have been playing over lockdown! It’d be great to hear some pupils either playing some songs that we taught at the start of the year or the graded pupils playing one of their favourite pieces from the booklet’s we handed out!

Capture Nottingham nusic hub

Click on the link to find lessons with and without instruments



Click on this link to learn for Lesson 2 of 'Hey Mr Miller'.


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Look how well Dovecote are doing on the music challenges! Well done to all those who have had a go in the last couple of weeks

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Try some of these lessons at http://www.nottinghammusichub.org.uk/digital-lessons/brass/music-medals

Or look around the site for lessons without instruments.

The Love For Three Oranges - Prokofiev

Music Genre of the Term - Music that make you feel good/positive

This half term our music genre is "Music to make you feel good". It could contain music that has a positive message and/or music that is very cheerful or update or music that makes us feel happy on a personal level.

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