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Home Learning Reward Chart - week 18 (wb 20th July)

Capture wb 20th July

Well, this is the last week of home learning...

I hope you have enjoyed some of the lessons and activities we have prepared for you. This week we have a slightly different home learning reward chart full of puzzles and brain teasers and activities. MyMaths, Hamilton Trust and White Rose will all still be there, but this week I'm not telling you to specifically visit those pages.

So music - listen to some high-tempo songs that are in the charts now, or listen to an oldie from Aladdin. You could try an escape room or loads of different puzzles. Find out more about my inspirational heroine, Malala Yousafzai for history, or look at the artist William Morris.

Spend some time observing nature or do a bit of science with tin foil. Whatever you do, I hope you have fun!

BBC Bitesize

bitesize(2)William Morrispine conedua lipa

William Morris (Art)

Nature (sketch or write a poem)

What have Year 6 been up to this week?
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