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Home Learning Reward Chart - week 17 (wb 13th July)

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This week we have a real focus on the environment, plastic pollution and sustainable living. There are a range of activities, research, quizzes and design tasks that you can get stuck in to (this links very well from the work that some of you did this week about Antarctica and oceans).

Our music comes to you from around the world and all sung in different languages - I bet you already know some of the songs. You could also do a reading activity based on a song by Emeli Sande.

You could 'visit' El Salvador to see what life is like there. Or enter a very special drawing competition organised by the Royal Society of Biology. If you like animals and drawing, you'll love this!

If you prefer to be more active - try a walk out challenge or some rugby skills.

Don't forget, there's always English and Maths and you have some work set from your secondary school teachers too - have a look on the transition to secondary school page.

Don't forget to send pictures of your work to: year6@dovecote.school

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