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Year 6 - Home Learning

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If you need any help or support you can reach the Year 6 team on the email address below. We will check it daily. 


If the Year 6 bubble closes, work will be posted here.


During the closure of a bubble, staff will prepare work for the children to complete at home tailored to the learning they would have been doing in class. On the first day of closure, please work from the Home Learning grid set up for this term for pupils individually self-isolating.  Staff will be preparing the tailored learning for the website to start from Day 2 of the bubble closure.

You can expect a daily maths, English and phonics task.  Some tasks will be pre-loaded for the week but you can expect daily tasks to be uploaded by 8:30am on the day they are needed (unless there are technical difficulties!).

There will also be a range of tasks from other subject areas.  Children can choose what order they do these other tasks in.  We recommend doing two of these additional tasks each day.

You can expect a phone call from a member of staff during each week that the bubble is closed.  If the member of staff is calling from their own phone it will be a withheld number.

Staff will check and respond the year group email and you can expect a member of staff to be available to respond directly between 1 and 2pm, Monday-Thursday.

Please email a photo of a piece of work your child has done each day to the year group email: year6@dovecote.school


Listen to Miss Birch introducing the new Home Learning grid...

*The BBC Lockdown Learning List* *Have a go!* *Check this out*
Lockdown Learning(1)

Monday 18th January 2021


Understand what a percentage is and its connection to fractions

In today's lesson, we will begin by consolidating our understanding of percentages before applying this to a range of problems including calculating percentages of amounts and comparison of percentages, including percentage decrease. We will then develop our understanding of statistics, learning about the mean as an average and calculate the mean in different contexts, interpret and draw line graphs and learn how to interpret pie charts and compare data presented in more than one pie chart.




To explore simple and compound sentences

In this lesson, we will revise our understanding of simple and compound sentences.

Lesson 1 - https://classroom.thenational


English - Writing

Use this Pobble weblink to view this amazing picture of the day.


Attached is a PDF that gives you a range of tasks to complete using this image. 


Other subject areas

Science – Lesson 4 -  Are all teeth the same?

In this lesson, we will learn about human teeth, as well as some fun facts about animal teeth! We will also learn about the different types of teeth in humans. Finally, we will discuss the differences in teeth between herbivores and carnivores.


P.E – Joe Wicks PE – See YouTube for link



To develop reading for pleasure through personal reflection

In this lesson, we will explore examples of genre in literature and consider how reading helps build empathy. We will explore the different kinds of reading we do each day and create a 24-hour reading log.

Lesson 1 - https://classroom.thenational.


Maths - Friday 15th January 2021

Match of the day fraction quiz

Practise everything you have learned about fractions this week in the Match of the Day fraction quiz. Can you get a perfect score?


Then watch this short video on converting fractions to percentages. Perhaps you could think of your own questions afterwards.



Fractions and percentages  video

Reading - Friday 14th January 2021

Listen to Mrs Smith finish reading Chapter 4. Make your own comprehension questions and email them into us. Try to have at least 1 Izzy Inference, 2 Retrieval Rex and 1 Eddy Explain question.


Chapter 4 part 3


Chapter 4 part 4


Chapter 4 part 5

SPaG - Friday 15thJanuary 2021

This week you have learned a lot about homophones. Here are some games you can play to test your new skills.



Homophone games

Other Subject Areas

Take a look at our school gardening page with Mrs Mitchell? You can find it just below 'Year 6' on our Home Learning drop down tab. smiley

P.E – Have some fun taking part in Joe Wicks' PE activities on YouTube at 9AM.  

Joe Wicks Youtube

Live Paignton Zoo session

Hi, there is a live zoo session on today from Paignton zoo, see link attached. 



Action for happiness calendar - January 2021

January happiness calendar 2021

Each week Spelling Shed and MyMaths activities will be set. Both will offer you more support and even room to extend yourselves. 

We monitor and give feedback on this through our weekly phone calls and via email so make sure you are using both of these brilliant resources to support your home learning. 

Ms Barton and Miss Birch. 

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