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**10:00am - virtual tour of Chester Zoo on their Facebook page**

Home learning for year 6 (6TB, 6SB)

Hi everyone, please explore some ideas and activities for your home learning.

Rememember that you already have study guides, try to spend some time every day using these.

Look at your past SATs papers and go through the questions that you found tricky.

Practise the spellings from your yellow spelling book but also find other words with the same pattern. Don't forget Spelling Shed.

You should spend some time every day reading your current reading book. Write character reviews or book reviews. Create your own VIPERS questions.

You have times table guides - use them and practise them. Use MyMaths - we will update the homework tasks regularly but there are lots of independent learning opportunities there. The maths study mats have the most important information on them - learn that and you're flying!

Don't forget to be mindful. Use the breathing techniques you learned in year 5.

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If you can't open the documents on a tablet or phone, you may need to use a computer.

Chester Zoo

chester zoo virtual tour

Virtual tour of Chester Zoo Friday 27th March at 10:00am. Visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/2287733068192442/

Art and practical activities

Here are a few art, design or practical activities that you could try but be creative and explore a range of things.


Vile Victorians

If you are interested in WW2 history, check out https://www.facebook.com/westernapproachesHQ/ for live history from a WW2 bunker. The next lesson will be next Wednesday (1st April).

Thanks Jack and Alfie for the cool tip!



Steve Spangler rocket science

There are loads of science activities that you can try for yourself but here area few other ideas for you.

Try this simple balloon rocket experiment. Visit:



Reading and writing activities

David Walliams Elevenses

Here is a link for some authors reading their own books.



*NEW - 'Elevenses With The World of David Walliams'.*

Every day at 11am, you can listen to one of David Walliams 'World's Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun!



Physical and practical ideas

It is really important to keep active and healthy. Try some of these ideas. The link for the Joe Wicks YouTube channel is here:


How about something different? Try the FA SuperKicks challenge - a new challenge is set every day. Follow the link below:


Joe Wicks to do live PE sessions at 9:00 every morning...

Other ideas...

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