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Home learning for year 6 (6TB, 6SB)

Hi everyone, please explore some ideas and activities for your home learning.

Rememember that you already have study guides, try to spend some time every day using these.

Look at your past SATs papers and go through the questions that you found tricky.

Practise the spellings from your yellow spelling book but also find other words with the same pattern. Don't forget Spelling Shed.

You should spend some time every day reading your current reading book. Write character reviews or book reviews. Create your own VIPERS questions.

You have times table guides - use them and practise them. Use MyMaths - we will update the homework tasks regularly but there are lots of independent learning opportunities there. The maths study mats have the most important information on them - learn that and you're flying!

Don't forget to be mindful. Use the breathing techniques you learned in year 5.

You can contact us on:


If you can't open the documents on a tablet or phone, you may need to use a computer.

Summer 1 Newsletter - Read all about it!

Dear Year 6,

As most of you have now collected your hoodies, I would love to add photo's of you all wearing them. Please get a parent to take a photo of you in your hoodie and email us at:


Weekly blogs: Week 9

Ms Barton's working from home

Hi all, I hope you are well and kept 'sun safe' last week with all the hot weather.

I was really busy again with lots of meetings so I didn't get out in the garden as much as I wanted to. When I did get out, I managed to do lots of weeding and planting to try to brighten my garden up a little. I have noticed a robin visiting us every day and has got close enough for me to take a few photo's.


On my dog walks, I noticed someone had hung some laminated birds in the trees, I thought of you all when I spotted that the birds were doves!

Next week I will be writing your reports so I hope the weather isn't too nice because I'm going to be stuck indoors.

Thank you Joseph for your correct flag answer from my blog last week - it was the Ukranian flag. I will set another one for you all to try to guess.

Enjoy hal term and send me lots of pictures!

Ms Barton


Which country does this flag belong to?

Mr Bakewell's working from home

Well, it has been another quiet but busy week on the whole. I am sure we have all been enjoying the sun and it has been great to get out in the garden more.

I’ve had lots to get done and not just for school. Saturday was due to be our football presentation day and we had big plans to make the best ever. Sadly, those plans will have to wait till next year but we are presenting awards over Zoom and having a football quiz. It will be a great chance to see people who we have not seen for a while.

Yesterday, we decided to have a go at the Nature scavenger hunt activity which is on our learning mat next week.


We had a fantastic walk and saw lots of things. There were an amazing number of squirrels running around. We tried to get some photographs but unfortunately, they kept running away. We saw lots of different colours of rhododendrons. We have some of them in our garden but the ones we saw on our walk were spectacular.

Next week, we are hoping for good weather so that we can head out on more walks.

Take care of yourselves and stay safe!

simon 1
simon 2simon 3

Mrs Smith's working from home

Hi all,
my blog this week is a little shorter and not as exciting as I haven’t done much this week.
I have been into school which was weird. 
I am still looking after my vegetables and my carrot experiment is doing well.
Look how much it has grown since last week !
Jackie carrot

My outside vegetables are also loving this weather. I will soon be eating fresh carrots and broccoli from my garden. 

I am starting to read a new book this week, Secrets of a Sun King. What have you been reading ? 
I’ve seen a few of you sporting your hoodies which made me smile :)
Stay safe
Mrs Smith 
Jackie carrots
Jackie veg
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