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What the teachers have been doing.

Mr Norris


I hope you all had a nice half term and took a beak from your usual routie - whatever that is - and did something a bit different. The rules seem to be a bit more relaxed so you can go to the park with people you don't live with (providing you don't go nearer to them than 2 metres!)

We had a nice relaxing break. We went for a few walks and the children spent a lot of time in their paddling pool in the garden.

We watched 'The Horrible Histories : Rotten Romans' movie.  Massive recommendation from me  - it's excellent. Jokes aside, it's also quite historically accurate (I kept looking things up on Wikipedia - during the film!) and as we missed covering The Romans properly in class , it could be quite a good substitute. It's on Amazon Prime, if you have it. 


I'm also spending a lot of time at the moment writing your reports! I've written about half (I won't tell you which half!) and it's a really nice way of reflecting on all the good things we did before all of this happened. Everytime I mention our Macbeth performance it makes me smile!

My reading challenge has reached 34. I'm currently re-reading a book called 'The Fifth Elephant' by an author called Terry Pratchett. He wrote around 30 books , all set on a planet called 'The Discworld'. Every few years or so I like to read through the series again. Do you like to read your favourite books over and over again?

I'm still reading the 'How to Train your Dragon' series to my eldest son at bedtimes and still really enjoying it. We're on to book 6 with the 'Hairy Scary Librariann'.  It's excellent!  My middlest and I are still working our way through Ramona the Pest , which is nearly finished.  My youngest and I have just finished 'Katie: The Royal Wedding Fairy'. Have any of you ever read these fairy books and am I missing something!

I'm still stuck on week 4 of Couch to 5k. My knee hurts but I'm trying to run anyway. I did a run on Monday when it was quite sunny and I was absoloutly shattered when I came back - I had to go for a lie down! Reading Mr Ebling's blog his running sounds a lot more impressive.

The forecast for this week sounds like it's 'rain, rain and more rain' so that might further scupper my attempts to move onto Week 5. I'll keep you posted. 


Miss you all and really hope you are staying safe!

I'd love to hear what you've all been up to. Send me an email!

Look after yourselves

Mr Norris


Horse How to(1)

Eldest child's bedtime book. Highly recommend.


Middlest current bedtime book. I'm really enjoying it


Youngest's bedtime story - a classic!


And here's what I'm reading at the moment. I probably wouldn't recommend it untill you're around 13-14 but they're really entertaining books.

Mr Ebling

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a relaxing half-term. The weather was very good so I hope you all managed to get outside (safely and socially distanced of course) and enjoyed the sunshine. 

The book I started last week- The Land of Roar- By Jenny Mclachlan. I bought this book a while ago, when the winners of the World Book Day challenge and I went to waterstones and picked some books as prizes (I couldn't resist buying my own). It's a very exciting read, all about using your imagination and the wonderful things we can think of when we are creative. I highly recommend!

Jogging update- still not a fan of it in the slightest but I've cut my time of 5K down to 26 minutes. I'm quite proud of it considering it's my least favourite part of my week. 

Spanish update- Struggling now- masculine and feminie choices for verbs, I may need some help form you guys when we get back. I have unlocked story mode on Duolingo though, which is quite fun. 

Aside from that, the Golf Club is open again so I spend a lot of my evenings playing golf. I did some magnet fishing (pictures below) with my brother. We haven't caught any metal fish yet but we've found lots of scrap metal in the River Trent. 

Stay safe.

Mr F Ebling


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Mrs Gill

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re all okay and that you are staying safe.. I’ve not been up to much this week!

My garden is almost finished, we have been working very hard in there and it’s a huge transformation! See picture below!

I’ve been having weekly meetings with Mr Norris and Mr Ebling and I’ve also spoken to a few of your parents to see how you all are.. it’s been really nice to talk to them and I’m glad you are all staying safe!

I’m still trying to get out everyday and do my daily exercise..

And last but not least.. we made a bench.. we have our very own homemade bench, so I have been sitting on there with my cushions (we are getting some made that fit properly) my book, blanket and a cup of tea reading. It’s a good job the weather hasn’t been too bad!

Keep smiling and don’t forget to try and do something kind this week.

See you again soon, miss you all.

Mrs Gill x 

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