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What the teachers have been doing.

Mr Norris


A beautiful day outside today (I'm writing this on Wednesday). The children are outside in their paddling pool and sound like they're having a great time. In the absence of seeing their friends , my children seem to be making do with playing with each other. I reckon I've got about half an hour before the next falling out erupts then!

I'm still spending a lot of time helping my children with their work and teaching them games.

We did our Wednesday night quiz again and got a better score although we were no nearer actually winning. There was a Star Wars round this week though so we (me!) got all of those right!

Speaking of quizzes however Mr Rogers is organising a teachers quiz on Thursday nights. This is just for fun and is in now way supposed to be competitive. So in the spirit of fun and taking part it is very important to point out that myself and Mrs Norris won!  By miles!!  We do have a bit of an advantage as there are two of us but still!!

My reading challenge has reached 32. I haven't reall read anything for a bit that's really grabbed me though.

I'm still reading the 'How to Train your Dragon' series to my eldest son at bedtimes and still really enjoying it. I highly recommend the series but I think you have to start at book 1 otherwise it might get a bit confusing. My middlest and I are now reading a book called 'Ramona the Pest' which is really good fun. My youngest is still on a book called 'The Polar Bear Fairy' which is , thankfully, nearly finished!

Why don't you try and keep a list of the books you've been reading whilst you've been off as well. Tell me about your favourite.

I'm still stuck on week 4 of Couch to 5k. I've got a bit of a sore knee (honestly - I have!) which is putting me off a bit. A friend of mine started at the same time as me and posted on social media at the weekend that he's finished so I'm feeling a bit bad about it.


Some sad news from the Norris houshold is that we've had to have one of our cats put down. Those of you were also in my class in Year 4 might remember our previous cat (Mog) being hit by a car just before the summer holidays.  Well we got a couple of kittens to fill the cat shaped hole that Mog had left. Luna was a very friendly cat but was the runt of the litter and always seemed to have some sort of medical issue. She was clearly a very unwell cat so last week at the vets Mrs Norris took the difficult decision. We have the other kitten -Calypso - who gets on with Mrs Norris and the children but doesn't like me! I'll have to work on her!

Miss you all and really hope you are staying safe!

I'd love to hear what you've all been up to. Send me an email!

Look after yourselves

Mr Norris


How to

Eldest child's bedtime book. Highly recommend.


Middlest current bedtime book. I'm really enjoying it

Polar bear fairy

Youngest child's bedtime book. Frankly I've read better but I suppose I'm not their target audience!

Mr Ebling

Hello everyone,

So my book recommendation for you all today is 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' by Kate DiCamillo. It is absolutely fantastic, I couldnt put it down so I read it all in one sitting. It's the story of a china rabbit that is led on an adventure that is both heartbreaking and exciting. I won't say anymore as I wouldn't want to ruin the story for you all. It also has some beautiful illustrations, so that's another bonus!

What have I been doing? Well lots and lots of meetings, training, planning. I've continued my learning of the Spanish Langauge- still not fluent but I'm proud of the progress I've made. I've continued jogging (being dragged out to run against my will) and have slowly got better at that. 


This week has been full of meetings with all the teachers, talking about the books that poeple use in their classes and how to improve home learning. If you have any suggestions on either of those, as in, what books you'd like to read in school, or how we can improve the home learning experience, please let us know. 

Apart from work and reading, I've been carrying on with my Spanish lessons- even though it no longer feels like Spain outside, and jogging, which isn't much fun in the rain. 

Hope to see you all soon and stay safe.

Mr F Ebling


Edwatd Tulane

Mrs Gill

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re all okay and that you are staying safe.. I’ve not been up to much this week!

My garden is almost finished, we have been working very hard in there and it’s a huge transformation! See picture below!

I’ve been having weekly meetings with Mr Norris and Mr Ebling and I’ve also spoken to a few of your parents to see how you all are.. it’s been really nice to talk to them and I’m glad you are all staying safe!

I’m still trying to get out everyday and do my daily exercise..

And last but not least.. we made a bench.. we have our very own homemade bench, so I have been sitting on there with my cushions (we are getting some made that fit properly) my book, blanket and a cup of tea reading. It’s a good job the weather hasn’t been too bad!

Keep smiling and don’t forget to try and do something kind this week.

See you again soon, miss you all.

Mrs Gill x 

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