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Class books

The links below will take you to the opening chapters of our class novels Letters from the Lighthouse and The boy at the back of the class.

Link to Letters from the lighthouse- 


Link to The boy at the back of the class- 


Maths - measurements

Some more work on measurement this week. We are going to look at converting between different metric measures but I have also included imperial measurements as well. Imperial (miles, inches etc) are used so much in our every day life it seems really important that we look at them.

I have also included some puzzles that have been very popular with the Year six bubbles.


Romero Britto is a Brazillian artist who has created artwork that makes lots of people very happy.

Try to create your won piece inspired by his work. 

Unfinished comics

Finish these half done comic strips and send them in to us.


Have a go at the dingbat challenge- can you figure out the common phrase/saying?

Can you create your own?

Disney Comprehensions

You Can Fly- what a great song from the equally great film Peter Pan!

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