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Class books

The links below will take you to the opening chapters of our class novels Letters from the Lighthouse and The boy at the back of the class.

Link to Letters from the lighthouse- 


Link to The boy at the back of the class- 


Writing opportunities

What if technology just broke one day?

thsi docuent is full of writing prompts to stimulate some work on this idea.


Maths-  A couple of puzzles to make the last week of term interesting.


There is also an escape room activity that requires you to use all your maths knowledge to complete.

Your twisting my melon man!

These brain teasers and ditloid puzzles will have you scrathcing your head!

Also, can you figure out who's sat next to who at Roald Dahl's dining table?

Unfinished comics


All you need to have a go at these science activities is some kitchen foil.

Music that makes you happy!

Pop music is getting faster (and happier) – BBC headline 9th July 2020

Apparently, music has more beats per minute now that it did back in the day. Listen to these songs and have a thinkn about how it changes the mood of the music. 

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