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Maths: Roman Numerals

To go with our work this Romans I thought we'd have a look at Roman Numerals this week in our Maths Home Learning.  I've added a powerpoint (to help/remind you) and a couple of sheets to start you off. More bits will get added during the week.

(Edit:  19th May)  I have added a sheet on using a protractor. I deliberatly didn't include protractors last week when we did angles because a lot of people won't have them in their houses (I'm pretty sure I don't!)

However if you do have access to a protractor and want a go - here it is!


(Edit  20th May)  I have added another Roman Numerals activity for anybody who needs it. This one is to do with writing the year in Roman Numerals.

Recycling Week

This week we'd like to pay special attention to the recyling in your house.  Can you help sort it? Can you be a bit cheeky and check that everything that should be recyled is?  There is a scavenger hunt activity to complete and we'd love to see a recycling poster as well


Combining both our work on The Romans and strong female role models how can we not look at Boudicca.

We've added a Power Point but youtube is full of interesting videos. There are some really good ones made by the BBC as well.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/class-clips-video/story-of-britain-roman-invasion/zmyhf4j


You could make your own fact sheet, powerpoint or wanted poster.

Roman Standards

Roman flags, standards and dracos - dragon heads - were symbols of honour and a way to identify different cavalry units.

Why not design your own. We have added some examples below. Feel free to make it totally from scratch but if you need ideas and inspiration there is a link to the Hadrians Wall website where they have some good ideas.



Standard 1Standard 2Standard 3
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