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Monday  13th July

Hopefully you've all read Mr Jenkins' message on the front page. Essentially it says that in September your child will return to school with the two of us, until October half term , when they will then move to Year six.

We will create a 7 week curriculum for September that covers the most important aspects that have been missed during this strange period. Importantly , it means that transisition to Year six can be done properly and hopefully that will reduce a lot of the stress around this.

Thank you to all of you who have sent in your child's friendship requests for next year. Obviously with the new plan in place , we won't be creating the Year six class lists until the Autumn but the information we have been given is very useful.

With the Year 6 'bubbles' in place , we are both on a rota to go in and teach one of those bubbles. We will try to keep you informed via Marvellous Me which of us is in and which of us is at home. The year 5 email will still be checked daily and the Home Learning will continue to be provided until the end of term.

Hopefully your children are still well and smiling! We're both really pleased with Mr Jenkins' plan as it gives us another seven weeks with your children and we can end Year 5 properly!

Update:  There is a plan in place for your children to be able to come to school on July 16th (next Thursday) to say hello to their class mates and us. The plan in detail is on the front page of the website and it would be great to see as many of you as possible!

If you know of any parents who aren't accessing the website it would be great if you could pass this message on so we can see as many of the Year five children as possible.

Say hello from us!

Mr Norris and Mr Ebling


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