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Year 5 Home learning

We have endeavered to provide you, during this extended period of home learning, with enough opportunities to allow you to help maintain your child's learning at home. These include, websites which are offering free memberships or activity packs, weekly projects and activities to stimulate the mind. We will also update spelling shed and MyMaths with weekly challenges and spelling lists. We do suggest that two of the best things your child can do while at home learning are: reading as many books as possible and learning their times tables. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries:



Some things you could add to a home learning timetable

Joe Wicks PE lesson 9am everyday on Body coach TV- youtube channel


Dr Chip's daily Science, technology and engineering sessions at 10am


David Walliams Elevenses at 11am- readings from 'The World's Worst Children'


Gareth Metcalfe's daily maths lessons and videos


Jane Considine's Daily English support


Read, Write Inc daily phonics support


100 Books to read in year 5 and 6

These documents show suggested books that children in year 5 and 6 could read during their home learning. 

Websites giving out free access during this period of home learning

These websites are fantastic sources of learning for your children and are offering free memberships. 

If investigating maths learning, then you should search for: the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at a KS2 level), work on fractions & decimals, and telling the time. 

If investigating English learning, then you should search for: expanded noun phrases; simple, compound & complex sentences; reading comprehensions, and make sure they are reading every day. 

Mr A, Mr C and Mr D presents:


Jarrett Lerner:






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Spelling Shed and MyMaths

These online homework services which we provide will be updated with new spellings and maths homework each week. The 20 homework words which will be in their Summer term spelling test will be available also. 

Spelling-Shed-onlinemy maths

Weekly Projects

We have designed some projects to have a go at that will link with our classroom projects of Kensuke's Kingdom (Spring 2) and Strong female role-models (Summer 1). This is all entirely option, however, if you would like to take some photographs of some of your efforts or bring them in once we are back, we will arrange suitable prizes. 

Week 1: Build a yacht out of recyled equipment inspired by the Peggy Sue. 

Week 2: Build a desert island out of recycled equipment inspired by Kensuke's Kingdom.

Week 3: Research and create a poster about a strong female role-model- e.g. Cleopatra, Rosa Parks, Emmerline Pankhurst or Katherine Johnson.

Week 4: Build something related to the Romans, e.g a chariot, thier armor, a villa or a colloseum.

Non-screen activities to have a go at

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