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Year 5 Home learning


We hope you all had a good half-term and relaxed. As we move forward into the second half of the summer term, our topic changes to World War 2- with a particular focus on Evacuation and the Kindertransport. The books we would have read to the children this term, and used to inspire a lot of the work, would have been Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll and The Boy at the back of the Class by Onjali Q Rauf. The first book- Letters from the Lighthouse- is a brilliant story set during WW2 that follows a brother and sister who are evacuated to the Devon coast for safety. It is filled with suspense and mystery and is a great read. The second book- The Boy at the back of the Class- is set in the modern day, and is the story of a Syrian refugee called Ahmet who has fled the violence in Syria. His classmates find this out and come up with a brillaint plan to reunite him with the family that he was separated from. Again, a brilliant read, that will bring a tear to your eye. 

As always , our favourite part of the website is the 'what you've been getting up to at home' section. There is some great stuff on there! Keep sending it in - it really does make us smile.

There is a new challenge for you- The Great Dovecote Menu which encourages you to create some creative plates of food inspired by children's books. What we would like you to try, is creating a dish, like Bruce Bogtrotter's chocolate cake from Matilda or Desperate Dan's Cow Pie, and send us a picture of it. We would liek to add them to the website to celebrate the fantastic creations you produce.

New activities will be added to My Maths and Spelling Shed every week as well. If anybody is finding that 3 pieces of 'My Maths' homework a week isn't enough then just let me know - I can easily add more if requested.

We check the email daily and always love hearing from you. Any questions, queries, pictures or just to say hello - please email with anything and everything!  We look forward to hearing from you!

No doubt you will have read Mr Jenkins' message on the front page of the website. Just to stress that regardless of what happens regarding school opening, we will continue to update the website, provide activities, respond to emails and generally try to be as helpful as we can be!

Mr Norris and Mr Ebling




Link to opening chapters of Letters from the lighthouse- 


Link to opening chapters of The boy at the back of the class- 



Home learning resources

Some Home Learning Ideas for this week along with any links or documents you might need.

Try the 'Ten Minute Madness' every day for a week. Can you beat yesterday's score?

Some things you could add to a home learning timetable

Joe Wicks PE lesson 9am everyday on Body coach TV- youtube channel


Dr Chip's daily Science, technology and engineering sessions at 10am


David Walliams Elevenses at 11am- readings from 'The World's Worst Children'


Gareth Metcalfe's daily maths lessons and videos


Jane Considine's Daily English support


Read, Write Inc daily phonics support


Supporting reading at home


Websites giving out free access during this period of home learning

These websites are fantastic sources of learning for your children and are offering free memberships. 

If investigating maths learning, then you should search for: the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at a KS2 level), work on fractions & decimals, and telling the time. 

If investigating English learning, then you should search for: expanded noun phrases; simple, compound & complex sentences; reading comprehensions, and make sure they are reading every day. 

Mr A, Mr C and Mr D presents:


Jarrett Lerner:






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Spelling Shed and MyMaths

These online homework services which we provide will be updated with new spellings and maths homework each week. The 20 homework words which will be in their Summer term spelling test will be available also. 

Spelling-Shed-onlinemy maths

Non-screen activities to have a go at

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