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By believing in ourselves and working together we will reach our full potential in body, mind and spirit.

Home learning documents for Year 4 BH/NB

Hi everyone,

This page will help you to keep up to date with our learning, especially if you are learning from home.

We have attached the newsletter to help you remember your key spellings.Don't forget you have a MyMaths lesson set for each week and you have your spellings to learn on Spelling Shed. We have also added on the 100 most common words [High frequency] for you to make sure that you can spell.

We have also attached some multiplication grids that you can use. Keep learning your times tables up to 12 x 12 as this will support you in your maths learning. Remember you have the Dovecote discs that were given out last half term. This contains the multiplication songs that can help you learn them.

The most important things are that you stay safe, wash your hands and try to find ways to enjoy this unusual time. Talk to people in your house, ask questions, do things, make things and keep yourself busy. 

Take care, Miss Birch and Mr Harding. 

Weekly Homeworking sheets

Miss Birch's first week of working from home!

During this week I have been outside in the garden every day! I wrote myself a list (as I do on our board in class every day) and I have been doing lots of bits and bobs.

As our theme for this term is reduce, reuse and recycle, I thought it would be good to take a look around and think about what I could up cycle. So, I have been painting fences, potting plants, re-potting some seedlings, fixing bird houses and painting and up cycling a lot of old and tatty bits in the garden. I have even paited some toad stools I got from my gran. I have also been spending a lot of time laughing at my dog and cat as they follow me around all day being hilarious :).

Take a look at some images!

We would love to see/read what you have been doing this week and every week if possible so feel free to e-mail us in Year 4 at year4@dovecote.school and tell us what you have been up to. The learning side is great but what fun, different or interesting things have you got up to in your garden or house that we will see? Also, if there is anything you would like putting on this page then let us know and we can do it.

Thanks again. Miss Birch.


In Harmony online lessons.

In Harmony!

Good news, the Nottingham Music Hub Phave uploaded their first online lesson for you to take part in.

Please visit www.nottinghammusichub.org.uk/digital-lessons to find online lessons and resources for children with and without instruments.  Feel free to use these lessons, Enjoy :)


Free resources you can use while you are learning from home

In our Maths learning at the moment we are focusing on fractions [Equivalent fractions as well as adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator]. In English we are focusing on homophones and speech punctuation. 

Mr A, Mr C and Mr D presents:


Jarrett Lerner:







Topic learning to complete

Within this section there are a variety of activities and enjoyable Mindfulness colouring tasks.

Hand Washing.

Don't forget all of the useful clips we have watched on Newsround to keep us up to date.

We really enjoyed the handwashing clip.

Keep clean and remember: Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.



Use the Reading Vipers to support you with your reading.

Reading is a great thing to do for fun!

In Year 4 we love to read and our Reading Dogs help us. Please try and read every day when at home.  

Check out this PowerPoint that reminds you who our dogs are and how they help us when we are reading.

Also, here is a list of the 100 top books to read in lower Key Stage 2 [Years 3 and 4]. 


Physical Education

If you are looking for some P.E to keep you busy...Joe Wicks is going to do live PE sessions at 9:00 every morning.



Additional activities to keep you busy



In English we are creating a persuasive letter to the Government asking them to review their policies on the way we prevent ocean plastic pollution.

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