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Year 4 Home Learning for a whole class/year group bubble closure

If you need any help or support you can reach the Year 4 team on the email address below. We will check it daily. 


If the Year 4 bubble closes, work will be posted here.


During the closure of a bubble, staff will prepare work for the children to complete at home tailored to the learning they would have been doing in class. On the first day of closure, please work from the Home Learning grid set up for this term for pupils individually self-isolating.  Staff will be preparing the tailored learning for the website to start from Day 2 of the bubble closure.

You can expect a daily maths, English and phonics task.  Some tasks will be pre-loaded for the week but you can expect daily tasks to be uploaded by 8:30am on the day they are needed (unless there are technical difficulties!).

There will also be a range of tasks from other subject areas.  Children can choose what order they do these other tasks in.  We recommend doing two of these additional tasks each day.

You can expect a phone call from a member of staff during each week that the bubble is closed.  If the member of staff is calling from their own phone it will be a withheld number.

Staff will check and respond the year group email and you can expect a member of staff to be available to respond directly between 1 and 2pm, Monday-Thursday.

Please email a photo of a piece of work your child has done each day to the year group email: year4@dovecote.school

We have really enjoyed seeing your completed work so far this week. Please do keep sending it in. Here are a few examples of what you have been up to over the past few days:

use pic for website..

15.1.21 Good morning and introducing the Monday Challenge

2021-01-14 16-38-27.mkv

Maths - Friday 15th January

Perimeter of a rectangle

Watch this lesson before compleing the worksheet and checking your answers.

We've created two extra clips to help you with the worksheets today. They will help you with questions 1A and 2A.

However, if you are still struggling with this lesson, complete this lesson on Estimating, measuring and comparing lengths in cm

Maths 15.01 Part 1.mkvMath 15.01 Part 2.mkv

And finally, if you have enjoyed the Maths and want to push yourself a little further, here is a challenge for you to complete:

English - Friday 15th January

The last lesson in shared read for chapter two of the Firework makers daughter


4PN Celebration of the week


Well done everyone in Y4 for all your hard work this week, there is so much to celebrate from both classes. You should all be so proud of the way you have adapted to a new situation and really pushed yourselves to learn. It has been wonderful to see and hear about all the amazing work you have been doing.

Have a great weekend. Stay safe. 

Home Learning Week 2: Other Subject Areas and Ongoing Activities

Choose an activity or two from the other subjects in this area each day this week.


For Geography this week, there is a Power Point all about South America for you to read, with some questions at the end. You might also find these clips from Go Jetters very informative! And if you would like to find out more, click on the picture below, for an excellent lesson all about South America.

Religious Education

Click on the picture below for a fantastic lesson all about the origins of Hinduism. 


We have a selection of Wellbeing activities for you to try this week and we have left last week's mindfulness cards up for you too. So, have a go at reviewing 2020 and setting some goals for the year ahead; have fun running around your home finding a different item for each letter of the alphabet; and try our challenges! Don't forget to let us know how you get on with a photo to year4@dovecote.school


How many of the questions on the sheet below can you answer in a set time? One section for each day. How many more can you do in the time you have set by the end of the week?

Don't forget that you can also be practising your Times Tables. Have you tried Hit the Button, Daily Ten or Super Movers?

You can also try this Measurement game.



This week, try the Pumped Up Pilates lesson or Let's Get Finding Stuff, both from iMoves.



Good morning from Mr Nicholls -11.1.21


Maths - Monday 11th January

Maths Warm Up

Adding Lengths

Watch the clip and then complete the worksheet: https://vimeo.com/468942122

You can also check your answers!

If you are finding this worksheet too difficult, click on the picture below for an alternative lesson:

SPAG - Monday 11th January

English - Monday 11th January

vid for websitex.jpeg

Shared Reading

In shared reading this week we are looking at the second chapter of our class novel - 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'


We are going to be describing the jungle Lila is walking through in English writing this week. 

Maths - Tuesday 12th January

Subtracting Length

Watch the clip and then complete the worksheet: https://vimeo.com/469688534 

You can also check your answers!

Alternatively, if you are struggling with this lesson, click on the picture below for a lesson on Estimating and Comparing Length. 

English - Tuesday 12th January

VID-20210112-WA0000 (1).mp4

In shared reading this week we are looking at the second chapter of our class novel - 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'


Spellings - Tuesday 12th January

Continuing our work on the prefixes im-, in-, il- and ir-

Good Morning 13.01.21


Maths - Wednesday 13th January

VID_20210113_102633.mp4Tuesday Flashback

Measuring Perimeter

Watch the clip and then complete the worksheet: https://vimeo.com/470181789

You can also check your answers!

If you are finding this lesson difficult, try this lesson about Estimating Length in Centimetres :

SPAG - Wednesday 13th January

English - Wednesday 13th January


Today we are continuing reading and working through the second chapter of the Firework Maker's Daughter.


Good morning Year 4 from Miss Draper

VID-20210113-WA0000.mp4Wednesday Daily Ten.mkv

Good morning from Mr Nicholls and special guest - 14.1.21

2021-01-14 09-28-14.mkv

Maths - Thursday 14th January

Perimeter on a grid

Watch the clip: https://vimeo.com/470182402 and then complete the worksheet

If you are finding this lesson too difficult, try this lesson on Measuring length in centimetres.

SPAG - Thursday 14th January

English - Thursday 14th January


In shared reading we are continuing the second chapter of the Firework Makers Daughter


2021-01-14 09-52-40.mkv2021-01-14 10-24-34.mkv


Home Learning for Pupils Self-Isolating (When we are all back in school)

Home Learning(3)

Year 4 - Home Learning - Spring One

screen shot for home learning onescreen shot for home learning two
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