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Dragons and Wombles 22nd June

Hello to you all. Well we are now moving into the 14th week since we were together as a year 3 and though we are getting used to it, it still feels very strange at times. I have noticed this week that the 'weather fairy' has been very moody: sunshine, showers, thunder, lightning, wind and rainbows sometimes all in a day. This made me think about how the weather can really reflect our moods and that it is ok to be grumpy or happy as long as we all try to find the smiley rainbow.

There are a lot of interesting things to try this week.The deal is that you have a go at whatever you can, use the outlines given or make up your own as long as you just have fun learning. Remember that there are loads of great websites to help you discover more. Try YouTube for video clips on any subject you can think of. Anything with Sir David Attenborough will tell you more about animals and our planet.

 https://www.twinkl.co.uk/ for loads of free printable resources. 

https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/  is full of video and activities about animals and our planet.

Remember that we love to hear from you so send messages and photos to     year3@dovecote.school.

Stay safe and Keep Smilin

Miss Smith and Mr Yatescool




Listen to the story agin and look carefully at the monster pictures.

*Draw one of the monsters

Design your own monster and describe it.


Skeleton Science

Learn more about our amazing skeleton and also have fun creating.


If you want something different check out BBC Bitesize


Design your own family sports day.

Your challenge is to design a sports day for you and your family. Look at the ideas and print out your own medals using the templates provided. There are lots of ideas and exercises on from School Sport Nottingham. Stay safe and good luck. Please take photographs of your sports day and email them to year3@dovecote.school Where Miss Smith and Mr Yates will be waiting to see what fun you've had.

Design your own sports daySchool Sport challenges

Here are the White Rose maths resources

This week's lessons are all about money.

Don't worry if you can't download and print the worksheets, just watch the videos and pause to work things out when you need to. If you need to do a jotting you could just use a piece of scrap paper. 

If you are look for more don't forget the whole school maths challenge. Just go to the whole school page to check it out. 

White Rose video links week 3 money
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