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Hello Dragons and Wombles

First of all it was brilliant to see so many of you at school last week and have the chance to talk to each other, share stories and smiles.

Well we are now heading into the last official week of the school year, which is always very busy and full of end of year fun and activities. It is now 18 weeks since we last worked together as classes so by now you are used to how the online activities are set out and have found your own ways of working. This weeks homeworking timetable is a little different as we want to give you the chance to have a bit more choice in what you learn and the chance to teach us too.

So enjoy whatever activities you choose and please remember to email photos to us as we love to see them

Keep safe and smiling

Miss Smith and Mr Yatesblush


Our Wonderful World

This is your chance to think of your own topic and teach us all about it. Find out more about your favourite animal or place. Create a poster, video, powerpoint, factsheet or collage and then email it to us.

Use ideas from the past few weeks for websites or ways to present your research.


Amazing Authors

Everyone knows that Miss Smith loves books and could go on for weeks about books she loves and the authors and illustrators. So heres your chance to focus on books you love and their authors and illustrators.

Again look back over the last few weeks and send in any book reports or research that you do.

Dr Seuss

Get cooking


Fizzy science

Moving pictures in water

Try some quite magical science where you can draw a very simple picture and make it move in water.

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