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Hello Dragons and Wombles

Hope you are all well, staying safe and keeping youselves entertained, even though the weather was a bit rubbish last week hope you managed to get out and about a little bit. Let's hope next week brings a bit more sunshine to make us all smile.         

So here we are again, ready for a new week of fun and learning at home with our families. This woyld have been the last week of the half term so would mark the end of our topic and we hope you like the activity ideas that are below. Enjoy whatever activities you have a go at and remember to send usmessages and photos at the school email as we love to hear from you.                   

 Don't forget to look at the other year group and subject pages for other interesting ideas to keep you busy.         Stay safe and Keep Smiling

Miss Smith and Mr Yatescool


What is on this week on BBC bitesize?

BBC bitesize 18 - 22

Colourful Science

Rainbows are everywhere at the moment as a symbol of our thanks to the NHS and spreading happiness and smiles. Enjoy these science activities and learn more about these beautiful multicoloured lights.


Penguins of the Antarctic

Find out more about the freezing cold continent at the bottom of the world, Antarctica and one of the amazing animals that live there, the adorable and amazing Penguin.


Tasty rocks

Get into the kitchen and make these no cook sweets.                 Have a go with some different ingredients to see what different rocks you can create.

chocolate rocks

Pugs of the Frozen North

Find the time to listen to the end of this awesome adventure story and then have a go at some of these activities.

Draw a map of the Journey.         Draw and describe the Snowfather and his palace.          Make your own wish for the Snowfather.


Tango Makes Three


Listen to Mrs Brooks read this great story and look out on YouTube for other videos.

This story is all about love and family so think about your family and have a go at creating your own family image like a portrait, photo, collage or even have a go at a family tree,


Maths challenge!

Maths challenge, week 4.

Have ago at answering these questions. It doesn't matter whether you don't get all of them right as long as you have ago. 

Going for Gold Challenge - Week 7

Going for Gold Challenge week 7

This weeks sporting challenge is to see how many times you can pass a ball to each other. 

What have the year 3 staff been upto last week?

Mr Yates' blog, week 3. Last week saw the temperature tumble and like you we started the week inside and only venturing out for short walks. This week also saw me start to decorate my son's bedroom. We went to B&Q and shivered whilst waiting outside due to social distancing. When we got inside B&Q we had to follow strict guidelines for walking up n down the aisles by following arrows on the floor. I turned round one of the corners to be shouted at that it was one way only and that I should have been walking up instead of down. Trust me. We selected some samples of paints, took them home and painted the samples on the wall. Once my son had chosen the paint colour it was back to B&Q to buy the paint and return home. I finished painting all of his bedroom by Wednesday. During the task of painting his room,  I have also been busy on zoom. I have had a meeting with Mrs Harris, an early years physical development course, and two gymnastics courses on zoom as well. Busy, Busy Busy. In the evening Mrs Yates and I went to Ruddington Country Park with our children. It was great to have a change of scenary and walk somewhere different. I really hope that you have all been enjoying yourselves as well and managing to get out and about? Miss Smith and I are hoping that we get to see you soon as well. 

Miss Peel

Year 3 Home Learning

Art work


Thomas has been busy practicing his art work. 

Clapping for Key Workers


Vanessa has been drawing rainbows and clapping for key workers on a Thursday night. 

Tea for two in the garden


Thomas loved his garden party where he had cakes and a cup of tea outside. 

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