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Hello all

Hopefully you have had a nice long weekend and enjoyed some sunshine. By the time you read this, there may have been some changes to lockdown rules but we are sure that whatever is announced we won't be seeing you all at school yet, mo matter how much we all miss yousmiley

The homeworking timetable and supporting activities are below. We hope you are enjoying these and any other activities you are doing. It has been great to see the photos people are starting to send to the email.


Please continue to do this and look out for them on the website on the 'What we have all been up to' signpost.

As we always say keep safe, keep smiling and be kind to each othercheeky

Capture timetable

What is on this week on BBC bitesize?

Home Learning 09.05

Family wishes


For this activity write on a piece of paper what you are most looking forward to once the lockdown is over. 

Colourful rocks

colourful rocks

Find a rock in your garden or on a walk and colour a picture on it. 

chocolate science

Grab yourself a bar of chocolate and have a go at this science experiment link to rocks. 

Oliver Jeffers

oliver jeffers

Our Oceans


Do you know where the Arctic and Antarctic is? Can you draw or paint a picture of life under the ocean?

Notts School Games Football Skills


Follow your dreams and play football like your footballing hero. There are a number skills progression in these posters for you to have a go at and improve.  

Going for Gold Challenge! Week 6 - Fast Feet

Going for Gold Challenge week 6

Maths Challenge - Week 3

Maths activity challenge week 3

Challenge yourself to answer these different maths questions. In section 5, to work out the perimeter of a shape you need to add all the measurements from all sides together. Good luck! 

Maths Focus - Fractions

Fraction 1Fraction 2fraction 3

Fractions of shapes. There are three sheets for this challenge. Can you colour in the fraction of a shape? Instructions. If the instruction asks you to colour in 3/4 of a shape. You will see that the shape has 4 sections. You will need to colour in 3 of the 4 sections in. 

What have the year 3 team been doing?

My second blog. This week has been a very busy week for us all in the Yates' house hold. We are still keeping to our routine as much as possible. Like you and your family, Mrs Yates and I start off the morning with lots of eductional activities to help our three children keep up with their home schooling. Its normally maths, SPAG, and either science, humanities or art. Sometimes whilst they're doing their work I'll be in meetings on line with teachers from school. In the evening we go on our daily walks with the dog along the River Trent. Whilst walking along the Trent this week I had the privillage of seeing something that I had heard about but never seen in forty year of walking the Trent. A munch jack deer ran out in front of us and disappeared between the trees. I felt very happy seeing it. We have been busy this week decorating my son's room and tidying up the garden. This involved a trip to B&Q where we bought some pot plants and fence paint. Whilst Mrs Yates and our children were busy potting all of the plants in to pots and hanging baskets, I was busy painting the shed. 

I hope that you are having a lovely time with family? Hope to see you all soon. Mr Yates

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