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Year 3 Home Learning during Lockdown

Parent/s, if you require mymaths or spelling shed login details please could you email us on the address below. Thank you

If you want to contact Mr Yates or Mr Bakewell about any of the activities, if you have any questions or if you just want to say hello then please email us on the following school email.


3AY is Mr Yates' Class

3SB is Mr Bakewell's Class

Welcome to the Home Learning page for Year 3. During the school closure you can expect daily maths, English and SPAG tasks.  Some tasks will be pre-loaded for the week but you can expect daily tasks to be uploaded by 8:30am at the latest on the day they are needed (unless there are technical difficulties!). 

There will also be a range of tasks from other subject areas.  Children can choose what order they do these other tasks in.  We recommend doing two of these additional tasks each day. 

You can expect regular contact from members of staff during the school closure. This may be by email, Marvellous Me or by phone.  If the member of staff is calling from their own phone it will be a withheld number. 

Staff will check and respond to the year group email regularly and a member of staff will be available to respond directly between 1 and 2pm, Monday-Friday. 

Please email a photo of a piece of work your child has done each day to the year group email: year3@dovecote.school

Week 4 Home Learning

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday Year 3.,

I hope that you are all well. It has been great to receive so many photos of your snowy fun. If you still have anny, send them  to year3@dovecote.school and I will add them to the gallery.

Today, it has been Australia Day which is a special day for people living in Australia.

I'm not sure about any of you but I've never been lucky enough to visit Australia. I thought that today might be a good day to find out some fascinating facts about Australia.

You can learn more by clicking below.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday


Take care and stay safe,

Simon Bakewell


Monday 25th January



This week, we are going to be writing our own newspaper report based on what you planned on Friday.

Remember that we are writing a newspaper report based on your favourite part of the Iron Man.

Today, we are going to focus on the headline and the opening sentence.

Remember a headline needs to be short, snappy and memorable.

Perhaps try using rhyme or alliteration.

The opening sentence must contain the 5 W's.

When, where, what, who, why.


Happy Writing!



oak maths 25.01


oak spelling 25.01


oak spag 25,01(2)

This week, we will be looking at Complex Sentences. Complex sentences are great because they allow us to add more detail to our sentences. You will learn the difference between a main clause (which makes sense on its own) and a subordinate clause (which needs the main clause).

It is tricky but once you nail it, it will help you become an even better writer.


Tuesday 26th January




Today, we would like you to revise the work on sentences which we have done over the last week.

Can you remember the differences between simple, compound and complex sentences.


Tuesday Spelling.docx

Today, we are going to be working on Compound Words. Compound words are words which are made by putting 2 other words together such as goalkeeper or headache. We will try a series of activities this week to build up to a short spelling test on Friday. The words for the test are given at the end of today's lesson and you can also practise them on Spelling Shed.

compound words



Today, we are going to write the rest of our newspaper report. Don't worry if you haven't done the first part as you can see the lesson on Monday.

Listen to Mr Bakewell talk about the Key features and read you his effort then have a go at writing your own Iron Man newspaper report.



Challenge yourself to answer these warm-up questions. 

flash back 26.01oak maths 26.01

Wednesday 27th January



Today, we will begin to look at the 2 functions of apostrophes. 

Apostrophes can be used to show a missing letter or letters and possession.

Click the image above to follow the lesson.



Today, we are going to be editors.

An editor is a very important person at the newspaper as it is their job to make sure that everything in the newspaper is correct.

Mr Bakewell has attached 2 versions of his article. Choose the version you feel most comfortable with to check for errors then check your own work in the same way.

Remember to check spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.


Challenge yourself to answer these questions before moving onto the math's lesson. 

oak maths 27.01 warmoak maths 27.01



Today, we want you to be word detectives and hunt for as many compound words as you can find.

Don't worry if you can't remember what a compound word is. You can either look back to Tuesday's spelling lesson or click on the image above to watch a short video.

We look forward to seeing your lists.

Happy Hunting Spelling Detectives!

Other Subject Areas


We love seeing all your work and we would love you to carry on with it but it is important to remember that not all lesarning needs to be done on a screen. Why not try some of the above activities.


oak history 25.01800wm


oak geography 25.014-49122_globe-clipart-globe-clip-art-image-globe-clipart


oak pshe 25.01

What does it mean to be a citizen?

What are your roles and responsibilities as part of a community?


oak pe 25.01apple-emoji-runner-600w-1484897833


oak RE 25.01download


oak Art 25.01camera-emoji-by-twitter


oak science 25.01

Reading For Pleasure

Reading for P

All the staff in the Year 3 team love to read and we feel we have been on a reading journey since we were very young. Follow the lesson to create your own reading river. Parents, feel free to join in!


well being

We love all the work you're sending us but more than anything we want you to be healthy and happy. Use this link to find some well-being challenges. Let us know if you have a go!


oak spanish 27.01

Spelling Shed

Practise this week's spellings on Spelling Shed.

Contact us if you need your login details. 

spelling shed(2)


Practise your maths on mymaths.

Contact us if you need your MyMaths login details.


BBC Home Learning for this week. 25.01 to 29.01

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