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Wow! Look at what Year 2 have been up to at home!

Alfie 1(1)
Alfie 2

Alfie has been practising his football skills and getting close to the wildlife in Wollaton Park.

Macy played boule with her brother Leonard and then practised her maths skills by measuring the distance between the balls.

macy measuring(2)

Macy also started writing her Very Unhealthy Caterpillar story, I wonder how it will end?

macy story(1)

Ola has been working hard at maths.

olas maths work

Alfie has been having lots of fun exploring with measures by weighing things and recording their capacity.  We hope you you helped to tidy up too Alfie!

Alfie 2

Oliver has enjoyed making his wormery. 


Oliver has also been keeping an eye out for minbeasts and found this one.  Do you know what it is?


Minibeast craft

Thomas made this very cheerful looking ladybird. 

Thomas ladybird

Wormery update

Benjamin observed the movements of his worms through the sand and soil.


Helping hands

Are you helping out with house jobs like Lillie-May?

Lillie help

Lillie-May has been learning how to look after the birds. 


Alfie did some research about the human body.

Alfie 1

He used what he found out to make his own huge skeleton picture.!

Alfie 3

Fun with worms

Benjamin has made a wormery

Benjamin's Wormery(1)

Oliver is making history

Oliver has recorded his thoughts about lockdown for a time capsule.

Oliver's time capsule

Super Spelling

Well done to Colby and Alfie who achieved Soldier Bee level on Spellig Shed this week and to Thomas who achieved Royal Bee.

Can anyone beat them?

Harley maths

Fun with maths

Harley worked hard on some multiplication. Well done!

Alfie bug hotel

Bug hotel

Alfie and his mum recycled and reused things from the garden to make a home for minibeasts. Could you do something similar?


Wild rumpus!

Is it Max from where the wild things are? No, it's Alfie in the trees at Highfields.

Harry maths 2Harry relaxing

Relaxing after working hard at maths!

Harry has been working so hard at improving his maths as well as taking a well earned break.

Colby art 2

Vegetable Art!

Colby has really enjoyed completing his home learning projects such as the vegetable art and 3D shapes.

Jaxon 5

Getting Wild!

Jaxon enjoyed a nature walk at the Grove.

Alfie bean

Scientist at work

Alfie has his bean experiment prepared.

Jaxon tent

Ready for camp

Jaxon is looking forward to a night under the satrs with his mum, a mug of hot chocolate and some smores. 

Oliver Mr Twit

Saltdough sculpture

Look at Oliver's amazing Mr Twit sculpture. He really took his time.

Thomas glamping

Happy Campers

Thomas and Kathleen enjoyed glamping in their back garden. 

Caitlyn fishing(1)

Looking for tadpoles

Caitlyn found some tiny fish instead.

Caitlyn net

No disappointment here!

She looks extremley happy with her find. 

Reiss classroom(1)

Mini Classroom

Reiss and his little brother have set up their own mini classroom for them to do their work!

Jamie bike

Proud Pedaller

Jamie has been learning to ride his bike. 

Jamie facemasks


Jamie made his own facemask.  

Jamie Rudd 2


Jamie and Miley constructed their own woodland pulley game.

Jamie Rudd park


Jamie and Miley's game design was a hit. How do you think it works?  

Jamie Tadpoles

Scientist at work!

Jamie has researched how to look after tadpoles and knows he should feed them on green leaves like cabbage and spinach. 

Jaxon wordsearch

All about pirates

Jaxon continues to work hard each week on many different homelearning tasks. 

Oliver Reading

Super Reader

Oliver is keeping up with his reading skills at home. 

Oliver White Rose

White Rose Maths

Oliver is the first person to have a go at the White Rose Maths lessons. Remember you don't have to print anything - just watch and listen carefully. 

Spelling Shed(1)

Special mention

Alfie, Thomas and Kaylum continue to improve their spelling skills. Can you catch them?

Alfie is 4th in the whole school!

Amelia VE Day

VE 75 celebrations

Amelia and her brother Jak are enjoying a drink in the sunshine.

Jaxon fractions

Fantastic Fractions

Jaxon has been busy continuing his work on fractions

Caitlyn bunting

Making bunting

Caitlyn made bunting to prepare for celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. 

Oliver allotment(1)

More tadpoles

Oliver visited the wildlife pond at his uncle's allotment.

Alfie Roman numerals

Working hard

Alfie has found out about Roman numerals.

Alfie tennis

Playing hard

Here's Alfie keeping fit and having lots of fun too. 

Ola's 3D shapes

Fantastic Shapes!

Ola has been busy making her 3D shapes out of playdough. They look great!

Thomas' propeller.mp4

Helicopter seeds

Thomas has made a working propeller. This is your science task this week!

Daniel's seeds


Daniel is finding out whether his seeds need soil or not to grow.

Jamie cartwheel 2

Fun at the park!

Jamie has been improving his cartwheeling skills.

Jamie homeworking


Here's Jamie busy with some homelearning worksheets. 

Jamie's family keepsake

Lockdown Keepsake

Jamie's family have created this beautiful art to remind them of this time together. Maybe you could do something similar? 

Oliver butter 1

Making butter

Oliver is shaking the cream to make butter.

Oliver butter 3

It took Oliver 16 minutes to make his butter.

Oliver butter 4

Toast and home-made butter, delicious! Well done Oliver. 

Jaxon herb wheel

Herb Wheel

Jaxon planted some herbs to use on top of his pizzas.

Spelling Shed

Spelling Challenge

Alfie played 39 games last week and is now in 9th place in the whole school. Can you catch up with him?

Caitlyn pillow

Sewing whizz

Caitlyn has learnt how to use a sewing machine and created this beautiful pillow. 

Jaxon has been learning how to take care of Smokey, his new pet rabbit.

Jack MyMaths(1)
Jack's Mr Twit Beard

Jack has had a very busy week going for walks in the park, completing his MyMaths tasks and doing a fantastic art piece of Mr Twit's beard. The yucky worms are a great addition!

Harley Baking

Harley and his family have been having a wonderful time baking this week. They have made some delicious Easter nests out of cornflakes, chocolate and mini eggs.

Jaxon has really enjoyed completing the work from our school website this week. Here he is using his super maths skills to correctly colour each part of the picture.

Jaxon Maths
Pipe cleaners Riley

Riley and his family have had great fun creating these pipe cleaner figures together. They have even used different colours to create clothes and hair. They look fantastic!

This amazing piece was created by Megan who decided to paint her dog Milo. She has even added the detail of the paw prints. This looks wonderful, Megan!

Megan painting cropped
Oliver's Punctuation

Oliver has been very busy this week and has been eager to share his work with the Year 2 teachers. He has been practising both his Maths and English. Well done, Oliver!

Alfie has been so busy and sent in so many photos it was hard for us to choose just one! He's been brushing up on his spellings and writing letters to friends and family. How kind? We went for this amazing photo showing a beautiful butterfly that Alfie has patiently watched emerge from a pupa over the last week.

Alfie butterfly
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