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Let's have another look at our seeds : Window Seeds 17.5.20 (day 21)

The seeds on the window have all grown this week but seeds number 1 and 2 are more developed than 3 and 4.

Seeds 1 and 2 both have lots of roots growing downwards towards the water and they both have a stem growing upwards with a leaf at the end that is beginning to open.  The stems and the leaves are both green.  The roots are not green, they are a pale cream colour.  


Cupboard Seeds 17.5.20 (day21)

The seeds in the cupboard have grown more roots and their stems are longer but their leaves have not grown any larger and the leaves have not begun to open.  The roots and the stems are the same pale white colour  The leaves are hard to see in the photo but look yellow.  There is a lot of black too; the black is mould which is growing inside the bag. Mould is growing because the bag is sealed and it is damp inside.   


What do the seeds tell us?

Both  the seeds on the window and the seeds in the cupboard germinated, (remember this means started to grow), so we can say that seeds do not need light to germinate.

Neither set of seeds had soil in the bag and they both germinated, so we can say that seeds do not need soil to germinate.  So Lexi and Lulu were both wrong! 

But, although the seeds in the cupboard have grown they will eventually die without light.  Plants need sunlight to help them make chlorophyll, which they need in order to grow.  Chlorophyll makes plant stems look green.  Our seeds in the dark haven't got enough chlorophyll, that's why they look such a pale colour. 

Both sets of seeds have germinated without any soil.  This is because the seeds contain their own food store that helps the seed to begin to grow.  When this store is used up the seedlings need to get nutrients (food) to continue to grow.  Plants get nutrients from the soil.


Remember our seed experiment. (14.5.20)

Lulu says that seeds need soil to germinate and grow but her friend Lexi disagrees.  Lexi says that seeds need light to germinate but Lulu disagrees.

Scroll down and have a look at our seeds photos 14 days after they were planted in the bags. 

Do you think Lexi or Lulu is correct?

Which seeds have grown the most?

Which seedlings do you think look the healthiest?

Why do you think that is?

What do you predict will have happened in another 7 days?   

experiment 2(1)

Window seeds day 14: 10.5.20

All the seeds on the window have germinated now.  They all have a root growing downwards.  Seed number 2 which germinated first now has smaller side roots growing from the main root and is also beginning to grow a shoot going upwards, you can see a curled up green leaf. 


Cupboard Seeds day 14: 10.5.20

The seeds in the dark, in the cupboard have all germinated too.  Seeds numbers 1,2, and 3 all have long roots growing downwards and you can clearly see smaller side roots growing from the main root.  Seed number 4 hasn't grown as much.  It has a short root which is around 2cm long.  Seeds 1, 2, and 3 have also grown a shoot upwards, the shoots are quite long and bendy and are the same colour as the roots.  Each stem is starting to grow a leaf at the end but the leaves are all yellow.  


Window seeds day 7, 3.5.20

One of the seeds on the window has germinated.  On the close up photo you can see a tiny shoot has started to grow.

All of the seeds are a slightly paler, brown colour than when they were first planted.

Window day 7(1)close up window day 7 (2)

Cupboard seeds day 7, 3.5.20

Two of the seeds in the cupbaord have germinated.  Seed number 3 has a longer shoot than the one on the window.  If you look very carefully in the close up photo you will see that seed number 1 has just begun to germinate, look for the tiny split on the right hand side.

Like the ones on the window all of the seeds are a slighly paler, brown colour than when they were first planted.

close up window day 7 (3)close up coboard day 7(1)


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Have a go at our science experiment about growing seeds: wb 27.4.20

experiment 2

Lulu says that seeds need soils to germinate and grow but her friend Lexi disagrees.  Who do you think is correct?   

Lexi says that seeds need light to germinate but Lulu disagrees.  Who do you think is correct?

Remember the word germinate means when a seed starts to grow. 

Have a go at our simple experiment to see who is correct.  The instructions are in the pdf below.  Make two bags, tape one to a window so it is in the light and tape the other inside a cupboard and close the door so that it is in the dark. Leave your seeds alone and wait and see what happens.

If you can't find any seeds to buy don't worry as we have set up our own experiment at home and will post pictures every week to show you how our seeds are getting on but we would love to see photos of your experiments too.  Don't forget to email them to us at year2@dovecote.school.

Here are our pictures of the seeds today. (Sunday 26th April )

beans day 1Capture

Enjoy a film with an environmental message

Dr Seuss wrote the story of The Lorax in 1971. His plea to us all to take care of our planet is more important than ever now in 2020. What can you learn from this film?


Miss Farrow's Tadpoles

Use your observational skills to see what's happened to the tadpoles over the past few weeks. 

Miss Farrow brought frogspawn from her pond into school at the beginning of March for us to have a close look at. 

She has posted these photos for us all to see how they are getting on. Can you find out about the life cycle of a frog?


24th March 2020

Tadpoles 24.03.20(1)

About three weeks old.

31st March 2020

Tadpoles 31.03.20(1)

What has happened now?

7th April 2020

Tadpoles 7.04.20

7th April 2020


Watch the video to find out more.

15th April 2020


How have the tadpoles changed after a month?

23rd April 2020


Can you describe the tadpoles now? Talk about their appearance and how they move.

29th April 2020


The tadpoles are nearly 2 months old. 

7th May 2020


Look closely to see the body shape beginning to change.

20th May

Tadpoles 20.05.20

It's been a while since we've seen the tadpoles. This picture is a bit bigger so you should see that the shape of their bodies is beginning to change. Maybe if you look really closley you will be able to see a tiny eye. Waht else do you think is in the water with the tadpoles?

Shooting sprouts

Follow this link to some great science activities and information for parents. 


Here you will be able to watch some seeds sprouting and get some ideas to help you have fun with your own planting.




Seeds and plants

Think about what you already know about plants. In Year 2 we will find out the answer to these questions and many more of our own.

What do seeds need to grow? Could you describe a plant life cycle? Can you name some of the plants we eat or some we find in our gardens and parks?

Use the knowledge organiser below to find out some of these answers.

Plant knowedge organiser

Seeds are carried to new places to grow in many amazing ways. This is called seed dispersal. Find out about seed dispersal here.






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