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Homeworking Grid Wb 29th June

Homework Grid 29 65 Little Woodlice Song.mp3

Salt Dough Minibeasts

Make some salt dough and use it to make a fantasy minibeast.  Add extra features with natural materials like leaves or twigs.  Be as imaginative as you can but try to think like a scientist too.  Will your minibeast have enormous, long green legs so that it can step over the grass but also blend in when it needs to hide, or will it have pointed, sticky antennae for shooting poisonous glue at any passing predators? 

minibeast 3
Saltdough Minibeast
salt dough minibeast(2)

Here are this week's White Rose Maths resources.maths

This week we are learning more about weight and capacity. 

Your link to the videos is here.

After you have watched the videos and looked at the worksheets try using what you have learned practically by weighing and measuring the ingredients for salt dough, or you could try cooking a favouroite recipe for tea.

Don't forget that Mrs Loughran has added a family maths challenge to the whole school website page.  She'd love to see your photos of what you can do as a family.  Are you better at maths than your parents?

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