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Mad About Minibeasts

Read the powerpoint or listen to the poems by following the link.

The powerpoint gives you some pointers on how to give a good performance. 

headband 1

Try making your own headband and dressing up as you give your performance.

headband 3

Be A Weather Forecaster

This is Wabbit, he is a young scientist who likes collecting data about the weather.  There is a special name for someone who does this.  We call them meteorologists


Wabbit has made his own wind sock and rain gauge.  He's left you the instructions so that you can make one too.


You could try making a weather vane too.

Just click here for the instructions.

weather vane

Maths activities

White Rose haven't produced any new maths lessons this week so we have some fun practical maths activities for you to try instead.

sundial 1
sundial 2
Carroll diagram

A Carroll diagram is a way of sorting information or data. Have a go at sorting information about minibeasts into a Carroll Diagram.  

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