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Year 2 Home Learning

Dear Chipmunks and Ladybirds,

We hope you have all managed to have a rest and have done some of the things you would normally enjoy doing together during the holidays. The weather has been perfect for getting outdoors and it would be great if you could keep this up in the coming weeks. Please share the newsletter below and find out about what you will learn this term. 

We are back to posting a weekly home working grid with your learning for this last half term of the school year. Remember to look for our website page with the date of the current week. The green boxes are activities we think are really important for you to keep up with and the white boxes are activities you can choose to do.

All of your teachers are missing you and would love to hear about any school work or activities you have done at home. Please send in photos or email us your news at:


Our Wildlife page will be very important to us this term. Let's fill it with photos of as many different animal species as we can find. Good luck to everyone doing the 30 Days Wild Challenge this June. 

From the Year 2 Team!

Here is some useful advice for parents and carers:

Minibeast Madness!

Year 2 Summer 2 Newsletter

Newsletter Sum 2

Keeping fit and healthy

A lot of you have been keeping fit with Joe Wicks each morning. Here is some information Mr Yates would like you to read about physical activities you can take part in alongside other school children in Nottingham.


Joe Wicks(1)

What has Mrs Loughran been up to?

In the sunshine, last week I started some jobs in the garden. I have an old tree to cut down which will keep me very busy over the coming weeks. I am also making a special effort to do much more piano practice!


My family and I go to the local park for our daily exercise. It has been brilliant to see lots of nesting birds, especially the swan you can just about see here in the photo. Our highlight however has been spotting the more unwanted wildlife – the cheeky brown rats. They are very clever and we’ve watched them swim, climb and sunbathe.

nesting swan vernon

Can you spot the rat at the base of this tree?

rat vernon

The rats make me think of one of our favourite films - Flushed Away. I recommend this comedy for all ages. Let me know if you watch it and enjoy it too.

Max's volcano

Lennox and Max have been doing work at home like you have. They have enjoyed keeping up with their maths and English work as well as building a 3D jigsaw porche and making a mud volcano.

What has Miss Measom been up to?

Last week I spent some time re-decorating as I have recently moved into a new house. I am giving the walls a new coat of paint and putting down a brand new floor!


One of my favourite past times is reading and I have already finished a book this week.

I decided to re-read one of the classics- Jane Eyre. I think I have read this book four times now!

Jane Eyre

I have been making sure I get my daily exercise through both yoga and walking.

It has been lovely enjoying the sushine and listening to the birds tweeting away in the trees. It's definitely starting to feel like spring!

Next week I hope to start some jobs in my garden. I have a tree root that needs cutting back and some very long grass to cut.



Complete weekly tasks and use the lessons and games to improve your maths skills.


Spelling Shed

Practise weekly spellings linked to our work in phonics and common exception words.

Spelling shed logo

Read Write Inc Phonics

Here are links to daily phonics lessons on Speed Sounds.




White Rose Maths

White Rose

Brilliant online maths lessons with colourful resources that are familiar to the children. The first set is on fractions which we had just started work on in class.

Free listening on Audible

Use this link to listen to some popular books for a range of ages. It would make a great activity for a quiet 30 mins or to have in the background whilst tidying your bedroom!


Oxford Owl

Use the link and class log ins to get access to ebooks and extra Spelling Shed games. 

Username : Chipmunks 2LMPassword : Dovecote

Username : Ladybirds 2LAPassword: Dovecote

Oxford Owl(1)


If you would like access to even more resources there is a chance to sign up for a Twinkl membership temporarily during school closures. 


Use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS and head for the parent area or 5-11 area.


Karate Cats

Here's a link to some fun SPAG activities.

Karate Cats


This is a great website with a huge variety of online games and activities. We use this a lot in school.


Here are the Year 2 Common Exception words to practise reading and spelling.

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