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Year 1 Weather Watchers!

Welcome to the Year 1 Weather Watchers page! Because we have been learning about the weather and climate, we thought it would be lovely to share any photos we take of the weather or our environment. So if you see a beautiful sunset, a snowy morning or a bright blue sky please send us your photos to year1@dovecote.school and we will upload them here.

Miss Roberts enjoys taking pictures of beautiful sunsets and different scenery.

Claires 2Claires 3

Miss Robert's Cat enjoying the snow

Snow 3
Claires 6Claires 4

Snowy in and around school!

Snow 2Snow4
Claires 1(1)







Do you want to build a snowman?


This is the amazing snowman that the year 1 and reception children made in school.

J snowman(1)

That's a lot of snow!


This week the children have worked as a team to build this incredible igloo! 

PM snowman 2

More excellent snowmen!

JS snowman 2JC snowmanJC snowy day
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