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Wow Wall! What have your friends been up to?

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In this section, we will be sharing all of things you have been up to while at home! It has been so lovely seeing your pictures and hearing about your activities and the time you are spending together. We would love to keep adding to this page - it's a great way to see what your friends have been up to.

You can email any pictures/text to:


We will update this page every few days!

Lilly has suggested that our new topic book might be about dinosaurs... what a great idea. We will find out soon!


Lilly has also written this lovely letter to her friends. I am sure they miss you too Lilly!

Lilly has created her character description and made a character out of play-doh!


You've been loving the letter writing this week Year 1.

 Levona has written this letter to her friend Rhema. She has included a lovely picture as well!

IMG_20200602_131726Alanna letter(1)

... and here is a letter from Bradley to his friend Robyn. What a lovely way to stay in touch.

If you email your letter to year1@dovecote.school we will send it to your friend on Marvellous Me.


Robyn has replied to Bradley with her own letter. What a lovely thing to do!

Alanna letter 2(2)

Alanna has written a lovely letter to share with her friends. It is really nice to hear what you have been up to!


Tyler has made a fantastic story map. He then used this to write his story about the 'Naughty Bus'. It sounds like his bus is really being very helpful - well done Tyler!


Finley has created a wonderful story. He has even taken pictures of what the bus has been up to! Let's take a look...


The bus has been playing in the sand pit (and getting it everywhere) and on Finley's sister's play mat! 

It has even written its name in the cat food! What a cheeky bus.

What has the bus been doing in your homes Year 1?


Levona enjoyed getting her letter in the post and has written about what the bus did next. I can't believe it knocked over all of your crayons!

Isabelle has also written about the bus. It sounds like the bus will be very clean once it has finished playing in the bubbles and the hot tub!


Bradley has created a story map of our topic book: 'Naughy Bus'. He has also been having a go at some rhyming word challenges!


Finley enjoyed having a letter sent in the post. He has also been getting creative with his maths!


Lilly decided to make a cake using homemade playdough and dried pasta!


Finley has enjoyed the sunny weather in his garden, playing in the paddling pool with his little sister.


He has also written about a toy he likes to play with - Buzz Lightyear! Finley tells us that Buzz thinks he is a real space ranger and that he can really fly - he even wants to save the world!

Finley has been getting creative at home - exploring different kinds of paint to make colourful pictures.


Shane has set up a wildlife camera in his garden. Look - he already has a hedgehog visitor!


He has also written about his toy Lemur and even made a lovely den for her to stay in!

Bradley has been getting very creative - here he is painting a rainbow to decorate his window. Have you put anything up in your window recently?


Look at that butterfly art - I think I might have a go at that too, it looks exciting!


Bradley has also been working on his maths learning and spellings. 


Bradley has been working on his very own maths challenges at home too. Well done - I can tell you are learning lots of new things at home.

Treasure Box(1)

Rhema has been thinking about our weekly learning challenge. She has come up with a range of questions to ask to find out what is inside the box! We will be finding out in the next couple of weeks. Have you thought about what could be inside?

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Shane has been busy making changes in his garden to make it friendly for any hedgehogs that might be passing by. Well done!


Making a little gap in your fence means hedgehogs can travel between gardens to look for food. What a thoughtful thing to do!


Shane has also been exploring our plants and shape topics at home.


Bentley has been doing some gardening this week. This has also helped him to explore our plants topic! I wonder how our bean plants are getting on at school.


Bentley has also taken a look at his family tree. What a great idea!


Jamie has been making some salt dough ornaments to celebrate Easter!


Levona wants to say hello to all of her friends! She went out for a walk with her family and saw a wooden bridge. There were ducks swimming in the pond nearby. It sounds like a lovely place to go for a walk!


Lilly and her family decided to plan and build a large princess castle. Well done - I can see the effort you have all put into it!


Rhema wishes the Hedgehogs and Cheetahs a happy bank holiday weekend and is sharing the important message to stay safe and stay home. Well done!

stay home

Lilly and her family have been very inventive! Using their bikes, they have set up a pelaton studio in the kitchen and are enjoying exercising and staying healthy at home!

20200402_094455 20200331_143127

Bentley has been writing film reviews after watching them. He has also been busy practising his handwriting and his spellings.


Bentley has also been baking. Mr Rose is going to bake his own over Easter and might even use Bentley's recipe!


Matilda has been busy keeping fit with Joe Wicks.  Well done!

Fredy bus picture

Freddy completed Mr Rose's challenge and has been thinking about where the naughty bus from our story might be going next. Well done Freddy!


Finley is very proud of his monster picture! He has also been writing stories about visiting a strange new island.


Shane has made a wildlife collage using objects he has found in the garden.


Shane has also been keeping a diary to record what the falcon is doing each day! I wonder when the egg will hatch...


Levona has been busy imagining her own stories - she tried extra hard with her handwriting for this one. Well done.

Cameron has been very busy making porrige for his family.  Look at these brilliant instructions!  Your porrige sounds lovely. Well done Cameron!smiley

Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 08.16.38image0

While out for his daily exercise with his family, Freddy found these two feathers. He thinks they might be from an owl! What do you think? Have you found anything interesting while out and about?


Alanna has been recognising the lovely things her and her family have achieved by creating a 'Kindness Tree'.  It's lovely to see such a happy face! Thank you Alanna!

Jamie writingJamie

Jamie has been enjoying the sunshine whilst practising his handwriting. He has also created a beautiful rainbow painting.

Alanna amphibians 1

Alanna has been enjoying learning about different animal groups.  

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