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What have the Year 1 Team been up to?

Mrs Searle

We had an exciting visit this week.  Spiderman turned up right on our doorstep!  Both he and Iron Man have been walking around our neighbourhood.  He was doing backflips on the pavement! I hope that you have all had a great week and have managed to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.  Look at what I found right outside my front door! 


We started to grow some beansprouts this week.  This is what they look like so far.  I am hoping to use them in a stir fry soon.


I have also been doing a lot of art with my children and took part in a children’s online art class.  I am attending another today.  Hopefully, I will have a painting to show you next week.

We have also watched a couple of films.  One of these was ‘The Queen’s Corgi’.  Can you guess the city in which it was set?

Mrs Hill

I have been out and about on lots of walks with my family. This is me in a field of rapeseed.


We saw lots of lambs out in the countryside. These black ones are my favourite.


We also saw lots of wild flowers. do you know what these ones are called?


I have also been busy baking lots of cakes. this is a picture of my banana loaf which is my son's favourite.


What have you been up to lately? perhaps you could send us some pictures. we would love to see them. Stay safe. Mrs Hill x

A message from Mrs Windle

Hello Y1, how are you all. I’ve just been for a walk in the forest with my daughter and our dogs. Millie is the brown dog and Ares is the black dog. Millie and Ares like the forest they play chase around the trees. I like listening to the birds and seeing the squirrels playing on the branches. Sending you all a big hug. See you all soon. Mrs Windle xxx

Mrs Mahon

Hello everyone! I have been busy outside again these last few weeks. I spend as much time as I can at my allotment. I dug up my first lot of potatoes to eat this weekend which was exciting. My scarecrow is now looking a little blown around by then wind, though!


I've been making hanging baskets out of plant pots for my flowers.


The lettuces are almost ready to eat. 

The flowers I've planted around my shed have started to bloom. 

The sweetcorn I planted is starting to grow. I need to watch out as I have been told the badgers will try to eat the sweetcorn once it has grown!

Mr Rose

This week, I have been busy reading a very long book called The Mirror and the Light by Hilary Mantel. It's all about Henry VIII and Tudor England! Maybe you could find out a fact about this time in history?

I know that some of you have been checking in with the local peregrine falcon. Shane and his family managed to get this amazing screenshot of one of the chicks being fed! Thank you for sending that over! What an amazing sight.


I have also been baking and made these yummy Oreo cupcakes. I tried my best not to eat the icing before they finished baking in the oven!


The Year 1 Team have also been having video meetings online so that we can plan lots of exciting things for you to do while at home, and once we return to school.

I hope you are all looking after eachother and staying safe. Take care!

Mr Rose

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