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Home Learning 6/7/2019

Welcome to your home learning for the week!

Some of you will be at school this week and some of you will be learning at home.

The work we do at school will all be based on the home learning topics on the website. Any worksheets used during the school day will also be posted here for you to access at home.

As always, the sheets will be here as a guide. There is no expectation that they are printed and completed. Please use them in whatever way works best for you and your family.

The Year 1 Team are always here to support you.

You can always get in touch via our email:


Home learning 6.7


This week we are looking at finding a half and quarter of shapes and objects. Have a look at the daily videos here!

Try cutting out some shapes and splitting them into half. You should have two parts that are the same size! You could then try splitting shapes into quarters. This means you will have 4 parts that are exactly the same. 




The animals have had enough of the Enormous Crocodile! They need your help! 

Make a wanted poster warning everyone about the crocodile and his tricks. 

Make sure describe what he looks like. 

Send any examples to us at


Write a letter to the crocodile asking him to stop his tricks and to be more kind to everyone. 


You could ask him to leave the children alone.



This week we are learning all about different types of animal: reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals and fish. 


What type of animal is a frog? See if you can order the different stages of a frogs life cycle. 


Art and Design


Try making a paper plate snake. What type of animal is a snake? Watch the BBC Bitesize videos to learn about the different types of animal. 

Make sure you send a photo if you do make one! 


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