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Home Learning - 29/6/20

Welcome to your home learning for the week!

Some of you will be at school this week and some of you will be learning at home.

The work we do at school will all be based on the home learning topics on the website. Any worksheets used during the school day will also be posted here for you to access at home.

As always, the sheets will be here as a guide. There is no expectation that they are printed and completed. Please use them in whatever way works best for you and your family.

The Year 1 Team are always here to support you.

You can always get in touch via our email:


Home learning sheet 29.6.20


Take another look at the story videos.

The crocodile has played four clever tricks on the children!

What do you think he is going to do next?

1. Think about where the trick might happen (beach, park, house, desert, even in space!).

2. Think about what the crocodile might do.

3. Think about which animal might come to the rescue.


Maths - WC 29/6/20

It's all about coins and notes this week in maths! 

You will start by ordering numbers. Then, using coins and notes you will compare amounts of money.

Clicking on each video will take you to the White Rose website for the full lesson.

You can then look at the worksheets for extra activities.


This week, we will be sorting and classifying animals. Take a look at this Powerpoint and have a go at sorting the animals. You could look at the worksheet and draw your own versions of the animals!

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