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Home Learning - 22/06/20

Hello Hedgehogs and Cheetahs!

Welcome to another week of home learning. Thank you to everyone who is sending pictures and examples of what you have been up to at home. The Year 1 Team are missing you all and it is so lovely to see that you are having fun with your learning at home.

Did you solve the clues that were left by the crocodile? It turns out that he is planning to visit the playground to play a clever trick on the children! Watch the video to find out what happens...

We hope you enjoy the suggested activities this week. Remember, there are MyMaths and Spelling Shed challenges too!



This week, we are counting to 100! Use your knowledge of counting in 10s to help you. Try the My Maths challenges and these daily videos.

We are also exploring place value by comparing numbers and looking at tens and ones. We did a little bit of this when we were last at school.

We used ten sticks and cubes to build the numbers. Have a go at the lessons this week and see how you get on!

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We would like you to create an 'animal fact file'.

Choose an animal that you are interested in and become a scientist by researching some facts about it!

You could use the template provided or create your own - perhaps a poster or a flyer. Let you imagination go wild!

Send any examples to us at


and we will feature them on the website.

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Art and Design

In our topic book, the Enormous Crocodile plays lots of tricks. One of which, is pretending to be a see saw in a children’s playground.

Picture 1(6)

Design and draw your own playground. Hide your crocodile somewhere inside the picture. Think about how he could disguise himself, or where he could hide.

Send your pictures to year1@dovecote.school and see if your teachers can discover the crocodile’s hiding place.

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