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Home Learning 20th July 2020

Hello Year 1 and welcome to another week of home learning! It is the final week of term before we 'break up' for summer.


This week we are learning abou t a range of different things. Remember to send in any learning you are doing at home!


Have fun and stay safe!



What different shapes can you name? Choose your favourite shape to turn into a shape monster! Give it a name and decorate it. 

shape monster


What are odd and even numbers? Visit the BBC Bitesize website to learn all about them. 


odd and even

Art & Craft

We're making a sunshine out of paper plates this week. Have a look at the example! on each ray of sun write something that makes you happy!



We're learning about keeping our teeth healthy this week. What are 3 ways you can keep your teeth healthy? Make a poster.

Watch the story Smile, Crocodile, Smile online. 

smile croc

Activity Sheets

Here are some activites that you could have a go at. 

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