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What have your friends been doing at home?

It has been love getting emails from families about what lovely things they have been doing together at home. Here are the photos we have received so far. Keep them coming everyone and let us know if you are happy for them to be shared on this page. They have inspired us to do more activities and hopefully they will give you all some ideas too.


birthday 320200708_143444

Jennifer has been writing some captions to go with the photographs. 

If Peter had told the truth... We like Jennifer's beautifully typed answer.


Emma's Amazing Bean! Super hard work Emma! Look at that number work!


Wow Emma look at your bean! Probably ready to go into the garden now to grow even more. Can you measure your bean? Is it taller than you? Is it shorter than your chair?


Listen to Teyhler reading his book.


Patrik's busy week

Patriks made a cut out butterfly Can you see how the butterfly changes when it is put in front of different plants? it's very clever Patriks.


Jaxon's busy week

Jaxon has been practising keeping his letters on the lines. He is getting very good at it.


Jennifer's busy week

Jennifer has been doing lots of literacy and maths. she akso baked some cakes to say thank you to her drumming teacher.


Lexi built a tower of Big Ben. She has really thought about the bricks that she needed to make it look the same. 


Jennifer wrote some instructions for how to be a good freind. She also responded to the teacher maths videos with some of her own working out. She very kindly sent in her family rules too.

IMG_3787Family photoIMG_3789IMG_3788IMG_3786IMG_3788(1)

Evie has written a letter for the teachers.

Rubie's Beans

Rubie's beans have been growing really well.

RubieRubie 2Rubie 4

Lexi's busy week

Lexi has been busy getting creative this week and has also helped to make dinner.


Milo's busy week

He has planted the cress seeds and beans, along with a sunflower from his Mammar and helped his mum fill the plant pots to plant some carrots. Milo helped her to build a new bird house and refills it every morning and waits for them to snack. He has been helping his Dad with the grass cutting and walking the dog every day. He has been doing his reading and writing in his work activity books.


Bobby's busy week

Booby's mum says:"Bobby has been playing on the xbox for one hour a day. He has been building houses and farms etc. in his own world. He tells me how to make levers...what they are for. Also, what rocks and materials are used for. He's been telling me about slate and sedimentary etc. 

Teyhler's busy week

Teyhler has been working hard with his literacy this week. He has worked especially hard to write his name the correct way round.


Jennifer's busy week

Jennifer's mum says: "This week Jennifer has been learning lots of practical lessons. We are remodeling her bedroom from a nursery to a big girls room and she is learning how things are built and the tools we use to do so. 

Jennifer has been doing lots of maths and had a go at cracking the teachers' codes.


Chloe has been doing some online home learning with her brother. 


She has been growing the cress seeds. I'm sure you will agree that they will be ready for their hair cut soon.

Her tomato plants are flourishing and her bean has made a good start.


Chloe has also been practising spelling using the 'special friends' 'ay' and 'ee' and matching words and pictures. Keep up the fantastic home learning Chloe!


Jacob has helped Daddy build the decking in the garden. It looks fantastic! I will await my invitation to a socailly distanced BBQ.


His Bean has started to grow a shoot. We can't wait to see how tall it gets.

Patriks has been creative and turned his dinosaur into Batman. He has also been keeping up with the Platypup and Joey challenges. Here he is practising using the 'ar' special friend to spell words. 


All of this growing has got Jennifer interested in how it all works. She has drawn a picture about the process of photosynthesis. 

She has also been sorting real and nonsense words.


Makenley has grown the cress heads and beans. We love his egg cup turning his cress head into a superhero.


His bean has made a great start. Can't wait to see how tall it gets.


He beat the teachers in his 20 second challenge. I wonder why tins were a good idea to use?

teyhler's fashion picture(1)Teyhler's letter photo

Teyhler has been busy designing this super outfit for the fashion show. He has also written a lovely letter and has helped to decorate his bedroom! Wow! We hear he has been baking too! Well done. 


Bobby has been making a bird den because he noticed that it was windy but sunny, so the birds would need shelter. We are so pleased that Bobby is helping to look after our beautiful birds. Keep up the good work Bobby!


Mia and Kyle have been freezing different objects. They have added food colouring for fun! When it has all frozen they are are to dig these items out of the ice. Great activity for developing your fine motor skills plus keeping cool during the hot weather!

Wow look at my beans!


How tall are your beans? Are they taller than your hand? Are they taller than a pencil? Are they shorter than your thumb? Try to compare your beans using the sentence: My bean is taller than...

My bean is smaller than...


We love Jacob's little den! It looks so cosy. 

Hello everyone!


We love this hello poster and Nicola's smiley face! Can you design a poster with a message on it for your friends?

Jaxon has been growing his beans and cress. 


We love number work!


Alice has been working really hard with her mathematics. Can you add some lego pieces toghether? If you haven't got lego, you could add up different items or toys. Get creative!


We love how you have decorated your containers Jaxon.

Kyle played imaginatively pretending to be a fireman.


Rubie Has been getting her 5-a-day by making delicious, healthy smoothies.


Jennifer has been practising number patterns. 


Jennifer's bumble bee work is looking good!

Kyle enjoyed threading pasta.


Jennifer has been busy writng a story.

Mia Made some Playdough


We love Amelia's binoculars and her shape mobile. Great ideas!


Super matching game!

Patriks did the art challenge set by Platypup and Joey


Makenley has been enjoying lots of maths work this week. She has 'shared' quantities in lots of bifferent ways.

He has also had fun with shapes, made a t-shirt for the fashion show and dressed up with his brothers. 

Maybe he has been so busy because of the magic spell his brother cast on him.


Keep it up Maklenley :)


Fantastic design here for the fashion show! Well done Amelia!


Amarlia has been having lots of fun at home playing and learning with her family. Here she is riding her new quad bike.

Lexi has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers 

lexi bike.MOV

Jaxon has been working hard in his maths books.

JC maths2(1)

Zane had been using his numeral cards to do some great maths thinking!

Zane (5)
Zane (4)

Look at these amazing crystals that Zane has made!

Mia has been busy planting in her garden with her family.  Have fun watching them grow!


Mia and Kyle have been working on their bunting with their sister for their VE Day celebrations.

MT & KT bunting(1)

Mia has been enjoying riding her bike on her daily exercise!

MT bikes (2)

Jennifer has been artistic today


Jack has been reading our topic book. He guessed the correct answer from the teacher clues. Well done!


Jennifer has been busy making repeating patterns with beads and practising her handwriting. 

Screenshot_20200512-130527_Mandala coloring pages

Bobby has been very busy learning at home with his sister. He has set up a school room in his new house. 


Isla-Rose has made a magical fairy garden. I wonder what plants will grow...


Rubie has been practising her phonics with Daisy Duck.

Oscar has been really busy.  He's helped to paint the fence.

OF (3)

He's made delicious looking biscuits with Mum.  You did a super job with the cutters!

OF (4)

He's been busy making models and pictures too!

OF (2)

Amelia enjoyed doing sharing work in maths.


Milo has been having lots of fun outside in the garden. 


Lexi has been getting her daily exercise, drawing lovely pictures and baking. She has also helped Daddy with the decorating.


Jennifer Has been doing activities from our Homeworking Chart, making a bracelet, and practising her handwriting and using pnctuation.


Makenley has been so busy that i needed to make a gallery for him.

He has done:

Rainbow science, explored and learning body parts, and made a rainbow jar.

Baking, easter crafts, and recycled materials art. Sensory play and a family saltdough handprint to remember lockdown.

Enjoyed the sunshine and played with water outside.

Reading, maths and writing.

He researched animals online. He asked the question "What if animals had no teeth?" picture is of pangolins, who do not have teeth. Can you find any other animals that don;t have teeth?

If you have been struggling for a burger delivery Makenley has it covered!

Well dont for being so busy and having so much fun learning at home.

Amelia has been busy at home and has enjoyed doing creative activities. Can you guess what she has made?


Click on the video to find out!

AH HotAB vid.mov

She has also been learning her tricky words.  Great work!

AH tricky word vid.mov

Patriks met a lion in his garden.


Have you had a go at making 3D animals in google yet on your phone? 




He has been doing work in his maths workbook.

He entered Mr Rose's art challenge. Making a portrait using lines. They are displayed on the our learnning --> Art page. 


He also compelted out maths challenge and did a doubling wand. Can you work out what his double is?


Rubie wrote a fantastic story. She started writing it, but had so many ideas that mummy had to take over to keep up with her imagination. 

What gorgous spelling Rubie you have used your phonics. 


Jacob has borrowed dogs to take for a walk. It takes your mind off your aching legs when it is super long!


He has got out lots for daily exercise to kep fit.


He has been having fun in the garden in his MASSIVE paddling pool. Here he is looking super cool in his shades and wetsuit.


He helped Daddy to build a water fountain in the garden


Maisie has been in the wars. She fell off her swing and broke her arm. She had an operation to fix i and wav VERY brave.


Here is is bravery award from the hospital.

She has managed to get dressed using one arm


Eat her BBQ food with one arm


She is having fun with her siblings.

She has been doing work printed by mummy


And she has bought a 'special book' of work that she is determined to finish.

Rubie has been decorating eggs


Teyhler has been doing work linked to St George's Day


Isla-Rose's plants are growing beatuifully. She must have been looking after then really well.


Jennifer write down the clues from the staff story video. She decided it had to be 'The Smartest Giant in Town'

She has explored doubling


She has done some recycled art and designed an easter egg.


She has been busy baking and helping to make pizza.


She enjoyed a pajama day. Why not...we have all done it.

IMG_2420 (2)

She went on an egg hunt and decorated an egg for the competition.



She has made a 'doubling' butterfly wand. Can you see the double she has made?

She also made a star.


Ariana has been weaving. Watch the video to see how she did it. Such a great idea and so good for developing finger coordination and strength.


Lexi has drawn a picture of Forky to put in her window.


Maisie as been busy working in her 'special book' full of different learning opportunities. 


Here they are working out with Joe Wicks. So pleased you are keeping fit and healthy girls.

She has been eating healthy dinners


She has been enjoying the nice weather and drawing outside.


She painted some rainbows with her sister


Here they are doing some collages.

Here is Kyle, Mia and Lilly on their indoor exercise bikes. You just put the stabalisers in some trainers and pedal on the spot. Great idea guys.


All of that pedalling made Kyle very hot. so I designed him a new t-shirt. Have you had any fun editing your photos on your tablet or phone?

Kyle, Mia and Lilly were visited by a real crocodile in their front room. Thank goodness they had a sofa boat!

Have you been on google 3D yet?

Just google image an animal and press the view in 3D button. 


You inspired me to have a go Kyle and Mia. Now I can't sit on my sofa!!


They have also designed their own rollercoasters. They look so much fun and really fast.


Jennifer has been using lego for maths. Could you have a go too?


She has been spreading joy by painting rainbows for her window.


She has also been drawing animals on her tablet.


Teyhler has been spreading kindness by taking home-made biscuits to shopkeepers. I'm sure you will agree they deserve it. Have you done any acts of kindness recently?


He has been doing some maths.


He has been practising his spelling by labelling a dinosaur.


Lexi has found an app called Eugene's Pets 3D. Lexi had fun playing with it this morning. Here she is with a rabbit.


She also got creative in the garden with some natural objects art.


Rubie has used pipe cleaners to make people and animals. Can you work out what they are?

How creative and you have developed you fine motor skills too. Well done. 


Iris drew her favourite animal a Narwhal.

Not everyone had heard of this animal. You could reserch it online.

She downloaded the cbeebies player app and had drawing other animals.


Chloe and her family have been very busy. They have made a tricky words fishing game to practise reading, doing colour by numbers, researched friend's and family's favourite colours, shaddow drawing, making mazes and brightening up the street with rainbow artwork. 


Isla-Rose has been helping to make healthy dinners and has planted her own vegetable garden. I can't wait to see what she makes with them after they have grown.

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Rubie found a picture of her favourite animal online. She thought his grumpy face was hilarious! Can you find any pictures of grumpy animals?


Lexi has drawn a picture of her favourite animal...her cat Simba. Isn't he cute.


Jaxon has been busy making Easter cards for his family.


He has been solving maths addition and subtraction problems

He has been baking chocolate chip muffins. They look delicious!


Isla has been busy cooking with her family. Here is her beef and vegetable pie. It looks delicious Isla.

Isla cakes

She also made some delicious looking Easter nests with her brother, Harley!

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