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What Have the Teachers been up to?

What has Mrs Harris been up to?

Willow has been helping me and my husband with our homework. 


We had an extra sneaky peek at our baby. Here is a close up of their little hand. Isn't it amazing that you can get a photo of them from inside my tummy. 


I found a mug that my class made when I was 10. We all drew a picture and it was printed onto the mug. 


I met my sister and nephew for a socially distanced walk. I hadn't seen them since Christmas Day! We had fun splashing in puddles at Rushcliffe country park.


We found some woods on a new walk. Watch out for the Big Bad Wolf!


I think we found a fairy house.


Do you know what this is for?

I have been for lost of walks. Here are a few photos from Newstead Abbey, Hoveringham by the river and in Gedling country park. The hills are getting harder to walk up!


We saw some wildlife on our walks. What do you think made those mud hills?


I made my first ever Lemon Drizzle Cake. It tasted ok, but needed more drizzle!

We also had pancakes for breakfast. We sometimes forget that they aren't just for pancake day. 


I made a 'fake away' chinese sweet and sour chicken. It was very tastey and much healthier and cheaper than a real takeaway.


My cat thinks she is a dog. She sits for treats and she loves to play fetch with hair bobbles. 

I wonder if we can teach her any more tricks. Can your pets do anything clever?

What has Mrs Hill been up to?

I had a lovely birthday in May celebrating with my family. My sister bought me these beaituful roses.


I have been enjoying lots of walks with my family in this lovely weather. We have gone as far as Rushcliffe park and back! My son has been meeting us there with a picnic, which has been lovely.


I have also been to Wollaton park recently and was amazed at how close the deer were. I was able to take this picture of a stag. Can you see his lovely antlers?


As a family we have been taking part in a Zoom quiz every week with friends. When it wa the Eurovision song contest, we all had to dress up as a different country. if you've not alreadt guessed, my son and I were Russia. it's a good job I know a bit of Russian!


When it was VE day we had a street party and decorated all the houses. We played bingo (which I won!) and sang some old songs from war time. The sun was shining and we all had a lovely time.

ve day(1)

What have Mrs Stephenson and Frank been up to?


Frank has got a new bed. I think he likes it don't you?


I went for a walk and saw this gigantic tree. Isn't it beautiful! I wonder how old it is? What do you think? Do you know how to find out?

IMG_4230 copy

I have put this big container in my garden to collect water. Where do you think the water comes from? What do you think I will use the water for?


I have been busy mowing the lawn. I put all the grass cuttings onto my compost heap. This will eventually rot down to make nice yummy food for the garden! Clever isnt it? 

IMG_4096 (1)

I love flowers and before lockdown I went to classes to learn how to do modern designs. I am playing with flowers now, looking at their shape and colour and arranging them in pretty patterns. Do you like this one which I have done with daffodils from my garden?

I have been making a vegetarian pasta dish. It was delicious.


Hi everyone

Today I have been helping to tidy up my toys in my bedroom. I even cleaned under my bed with the dust pan and brush- it was really dusty! Have you been helping at home? I do hope so.

Love Frank - woof woof and Mrs Stephenson xxx 

frank 1(1)IMG_4229

This week I am so proud to show you my lovely sweet pea plants! I have grown them from tiny seeds. They are my favourite flowers and they smell wonderful. What are your favourite flowers? Why do you think that I planted them next to big sticks? I cant wait for them to bloom! Do you have any flowers in your garden or growing indoors?


Here is another flower arrangement. I wonder which flowers are your favourite? I love ones which are smelly! I mean a nice smell like roses or lavender. 

What has Mrs Norris been up to?

I had a Lockdown birthday recently.  I was very lucky that it was at the weekend so I treated myself to (most of) the weekend off!

My friend invited me over for a socially distanced birthday visit with her in her garden.  We were so busy chatting that we didn't realise how late it got and I had to walk home in the dark.  Her husband took this photo of the garden from the window.  It's a good job we had the fairy lights so we could see each other!


My cat is getting used to her sister being gone but she does still look for her.  She went outside for the first time this week.  She was very curious but also very nervous!


When we had the thunderstorms last week, my village flooded.  Thankfully, the water went away again very quickly.  We went out to have a look.


Our front and back gardens were under water.  Did you have any flooding near you?  Did you splash in any puddles like us?

We were very sad to lose one our cats recently.  She was very poorly and the vet said she couldn't get better.  We were sad to let her go but we know she isn't unhappy anymore. As you can see, she was a very cuddly cat!


What has Mrs Watson been up to?

Can you work out where I went for a walk?


What Has Mrs Sharratt been up to?


Look who I bumped into when i went for a walk. It was lovely to say hello from a distance.


Someone has been building dens. It looks lots of fun. Have you built any dens recently?

What has Mrs Kendrick been up to?


We have grown our own delicious strawberries.


I went for a walk down to Clifton Nature Reserve and spotted some nature. Can you name the creatures I saw?


What has Miss Roberts been up to?

I've been enjoying my daily exercise! 

I have been running lots! Here I am having a rest after my run with my cat, Hollie! And I've been doing some workouts in my garden when the weather is nice and I played football in my garden at the weekend!

I've also enjoyed going on walks and I've seen some lovely views around.. look at this beautiful sun set!

What different ways have you been keeping active?


This weekend, I went camping in the garden! We had a little barbeque and ate some burgers and slept in the tent. 

Thankfully we just missed the rain!!

It was lovely listening to the all birds flying around and chirping when I woke up in the morning. 

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