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Home Learning WB 12.7.27

***Reception pupils return to school on Monday 19th July - we can't wait to see you back!***

Daily Tasks

Hello everyone,

Below is a grid showing the tasks for this week. Every day your child should be doing a sentence read and write, a sound from their group's phonics section and a maths session. It is important to do the maths in the correct order, as the skills build throughout the week. There are then 2 other tasks to complete each day linked to our topic work and other subjects rhat would have been focussed on this week in school.

We will be sending Marvellous Me's to inform you of any resources added after today. As always we love to see photos and videos of the children's work at home. They can also bring into school what they have done next week to share with us.

The reception email is reception@dovecote.school

Learning tasks 12.7.21

Shared reading and sentence writing


The children are working really hard to write sentences independently. Each day we read and remember a sentence and learn the tricky words. They then try to write it from memory, one word at a time and read it back to ensure they have included all of the words. The repetition of writing some of the words every day make it easier to remember and help the children to become confident writers.T here is a simple sentence and a more challenging sentence.  All the tricky words in each sentence are highlighted in red and any special friends underlined.Read it to your grown up. When you have read it, have a go at copying them onto a piece of paper or hide it like you do at school.

Have a look at a sentence each day.


pic 2pic 3








See the different phonics videos below to practise reading and writing words for this week's sounds. They are split into phonics groups. Your child will know who teaches their group.

Adults- Remember that while the children are learning to spell, they will be spelling phonetically using the sounds they already know. When writing sentences independently they are making informed spelling choices and not all of their words will be spelt correctly. We will however still be able to read them. E.g. They may write 'The snail is happy' as 'The snayl is hapee'. This is fine while they are learning more and more ways to spell sounds. It is more important that they are growing as independent writers, than copying words written by others.

Support your child in listening for the sounds in words and writing the words they know. Use the RWI letter mats and refer to them for support.

rwi mat

Set 1 Lessons

Mrs Hill and Ms Hall's group



C Phonics-1.mp4C Reading Writing-1.mp4


K 2-1.mp4K Read And Write-1(1).mp4



B Part 1-1.mp4B Read And Write-1.mp4


D-1.mp4D Read And Write-1.mp4



E Part 1-1.mp4E Part 2-1.mp4E Read And Write -1.mp4F Part 1-1.mp4


G Phonics-1.mp4g read and write.MOV





F Part 1-1.mp4F Read And Write -1.mp4F Sentence-1.mp4

Set 1 lessons (with Special Friends)

These resources are extra.

Mrs Hill and Ms Hall group challenge

All other groups recap and consollidation.

(Continue scrolling on a smartphone or tablet for your group)

shsh fred talkth readingth fred talkch- readingch fred talk



ch read and write

Ch Read And Write-1.mp4

ch sentence writing

Ch Sentence-1.mp4qu readingqu fred talkng readingng fred talk


Ng-1 (1).mp4

ng read and write

Ng Read And Write Again-1.mp4

ng sentences

Ng Sentence-1.mp4nk readingnk fred talk(2)
rwi set 2(1)

Here are the phonics mats for you to refer to. There is a printable copy below if you wish to have a hard copy.

Set 2 lessons (Special Friends)

Mrs Sharratt and Miss Archer's group


ayay (2)Ay Intro2-1.mp4Ay Read And Write-1.mp4


eeee(1)ee phonics.MOVee read and write.MOV


ighigh(1)Igh With Sentence Read And Write Part 1-1.mp4Igh Read And Write With Sentence Part 2-1.mp4


owow(1)Ow-1.mp4oooo (zoo)Oo 3-1.mp4

Mrs Watson and Mrs Norris' group


ouou(1)Ou-1.mp4Ou Read And Write-1.mp4Ou Sentence-1.mp4


oo (look)oo (look)(1)arar(1)






Here are some White Rose Maths lesson videos that you can use at home this week. Complete one session each day. There is then a short follow-up activity.  These activities will be posted under each day of the week below.



Session 1 - Going on Holiday

Watch today's maths video and then have a go at the activity below.  Use the link above or click on the picture to go to the maths videos.



Session 2 - Sports Day

Watch today's maths video and then have a go at the activity below.  Use the link above or click on the picture to go to the maths videos.

wednesday (2)


Session 3 - At the beach

Watch today's maths video and then have a go at the activity below.  Use the link above or click on the picture to go to the maths videos.

thursday (2)


Session 4 - Day trips

Watch today's maths video and then have a go at the activity below.  Use the link above or click on the picture to go to the maths videos.

Friday (2)

Online Maths Game

Here is an extra game to help to practise recognising and ordering teen numbers. It is a great skill to enter year 1 already being able to do.

helicopter rescue


Our Reception Artist is Gustav Klimt. Here is his picture 'The Tree of Life' Below are some activities linking to this painting. You could also have a go at recreating this picture at home with your own paints, or by drawing it. See the daily taks below linked to this beautiful piece of artwork.

tree of life



Can you see the triangles in Gustav's painting? He has linked them all together to create a mountain. This is called tessellation. Can you make your own tesselation picture? There is a page of triangles for you to print and cut out, or you can draw your own on a piece of paper. 

Can you make triangles using objects from around your home? You could also use natural bjects from your garden.

tri 2(1)tri 5



Can you see that the Tree of Life is made up of many spirals. Watch the video of how to draw a spiral. Can you draw one without overlapping lines?

Have a go at drawing or painting the 'Tree of Life' using lots of spirals.


Triangles Extention

Ms Hall has made a lovely video to continue your triangle artwork. Did you know that you can half a square or an oblong to create 2 triangles?



Spot the Face

In Gustav's painting there are lots of faces and eyes hidden in it. The teachers have taken photos of hidden faces around their homes and gardens. Can you spot them?

Why don't you have a go at some photography at home too. Peep out from something in your home or garden and see if we can spot you. Email in your photos.


Shapes in our World

Go on a shape hunt around your house and garden. Take a photo of the shapes that you find. You could draw them and cut them out. You could create a collage using your shapes. You could assemble them like Gustav Klimt to create some artwork.

Here are some shapes in our homes. Can you name them? Can you describe their properties?




This week we are thinking about celebrating our happy memories.


happy memories

Today we are thinking about your happy memories as a family. Can you talk about your happy family memories together as a family? Looking at photos might help to jog your memory. Write your memories on a brick/and build them into a wall. Please bring these into school to contribute to their Special Book. It is up to you if you want yo write the memories yourself, or if your adults write them down for you. The learning focus is not on the writing. Ms Hall has made a lvoely teaching video about how to do this using reception memories as an example. This will also help to prepare you for tomorrow's session.

memory wall2.mp4


Today we are thinking about our happy memories from being in Reception. Ms Hall has made a teaching video to demonstarte how to complete your writing frame. Please bring this into school for us to add to your work folder or special book. Either copy the writing frame below, print it off or just use a piece of paper that you have at home. 

writing memories.mp4writing frame


While isolating at home it is a good oportunity to do some yoga. This helps your physical and mental wellbeing. Clear your mind, get fit and have some fun together with some of these cosmic kids yoga videos. Click on the images below to link you diectly with the video.

Finding your happy place

happy place

Trolls Yoga

trolls yoga

Outside in the Woods

Outside in the woods

Safari Yoga

safari yoga
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