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Welcome to our Storytime page!

On this page you will find stories to enjoy.  Some will be told, so there will be no pictures, and some will be read and will have pictures to see too.  We miss reading to the children at school so we are adding stories here instead.

The Smartest Giant in Town- Story Re-invented by the staff

When we are at school learning about our stories we follow 3 stages


2. Learn and retell


Re-inventing is often our favourite part because we get to use our imaginations and be really silly swapping the characters and story events. Here our our story maps and us re-telling our own versions of the Smartest Giant in Town.

Use the story map writing frame layouts to have a go at re-inventing your own version. Send us the photos of your story maps or videos of your child re-telling it and we will add it to the website for your friends to see or listen to. 

Mrs Sharratt- The Kindest Children in the Street


Mrs Kendrick- The most Helpful Giant Around


Miss Hall- Buddy The Tidiest Dog in Town


Mrs Harris- The Most Helpful Buzz in Space


Mrs Norris- The Grumpiest Grizzly Bear in the Woods


Mrs Watson- The kindest Friends in Town


Mrs Hill- The Kindest Giant in Town


Mrs Stephenson- The Kindest girl in the Jungle


Miss Roberts- The Kindest Cat in town

Frank's Stories

Mrs Stephenson is adding stories about her sausage dog, Frank, to this section. She is telling the stories so the children will need to listen carefully. Being able to listen to a story and follow it, without pictures to help, is an important skill.

Frank & Colin

Mrs Stephenson tells a bedtime story about Frank the sausage dog, and his best friend Colin.  They like different things and they are still friends.  Snuggle down and drift off to sleep as Mrs Stephenson tells you all about the happy pair. Sweet dreams!

Frank and Colin story.m4a

Can you listen carefully to the story?


Frank and Audrey

Another bedtime story told by Mrs Stephenson.  This time, we meet Frank's friend Audrey.  They like such different things.

Frank and Audrey bedtime story.m4a

What does Frank like baking? What does Audrey like baking?

What did you find out about bees from Frank?

Why does Audrey like reading about superheroes?

Frank and Audrey like to make silly sandwiches.  What would you put in your silly sandwich?

Frank and the Three Bears

A sausage dog twist on this popular traditional tale!

Frank and The 3 bears.m4a

Did you listen carefully? What can you remember from the story?

Why didn't Frank like the big bowl of porridge? 

How did the bears know Frank was in the bedroom?

Do you think Frank made good choices about his behaviour in the Bears' house? Why?

How you ever done something that has upset someone?  How did you make it better? What do you think Frank should do?

Story Books Read by Staff

Enjoy the stories and then see if you can answer the questions together afterwards. Talking about stories is a great way to extend children's understanding of the story and help them connect it with their own experiences.  Look out for words that they may not know and talk about what the words mean too.  All these early comprehension skills help children as they move on through school and their reading journey.

Iris and Isaac by Catherine Rayner

Iris and Isaac is a story about two polar bears who fall out, and then realise how much they miss each each other. Mrs Norris reads a story about getting on and falling out.

Iris and Isaac.MOV

What do you think it is like where Iris and Isaac live? Is it different to where you live? How?

Why did Iris and Isaac fall out?

What do you think made them decide to make friends again?

Have you fallen out with someone before? How did it feel? Did you feel better when you made friends again? How did you make friends again?

Hugless Douglas by David Melling

Douglas the bear has just woken up from a long sleep and all he wants is a hug, but will he find one?

Mrs Norris reads a story about hugs.  Cuddle up with a teddy while you listen.

Huglas Douglas.MOV

Do you know why Douglas had just had such a long sleep?

Why do you think Douglas wanted a hug?

Who helped Douglas?

Who do you like to cuddle best?

Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson

Mrs Norris reads one of her favourite stories about a little dinosaur who feels out of place in his T-Rex family.

Listen out for any words that you don't understand and ask your grown up what they mean.  Learning new words is fun!

Tyrannosaurus Drip 2.MOV

How did Tyrannosaurus Drip end up in the Tyrannosaur nest?  

What did Drip like to eat? What did the Tyrannosaurs like to eat?  Do you all like to eat the same things in your family?

How do you think Drip felt when his family went hunting without him?

What do you think happened to the Tyrannosaurs after they went crashing down the waterfall and out to sea?

Do you think Drip was happier with his new Duckbill family, or with his old Tyrannosaur family? Why?

Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson

Mrs Norris and the smallest Norris read a book about three friends who live in a rock pool by the sea.

Sharing a Shell.MP4

Who are the main characters?

How did the anenome help the crab?

The bristleworm cleaned the shell.  What do you clean in your home? How can you help your grown ups?

Sometimes it's hard to say sorry.  Next time you fall out with someone, think about the bristleworm and how he helped the crab and the anenome to become friends again.


The Bumblebear by Nadia Shireen

Mrs Norris and Smallest Norris team up again to read a story about a bear called Norman who really, really, really likes honey.

The Bumble Bear.MOV

Did your enjoy the story? What was your favourite part?

Norman really likes honey.  What is your favourite food?

Why did Amelia think Norman was not a bee?  How did she prove it?

What do you think the word diabolical means?

Norman was sad when he had to leave bee school.  Can you explain why that mught be?

Willbee the Bumblebee

Mrs Norris reads a story about a little bee who loses his jumper, and some kind minibeasts who help him make a new one.

Willbee the Bumblebee.MP4

What happened to Willbee's jumper?

What does the word unravelled mean?

Why do you think Steve the spider was a good choice for knitting Willbee's jumper again?

Monica the butterfly was very kind to Willbee.  Who have you been kind to? Can you think something kind you could do today for someone else?

More stories on the way!

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