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Welcome to our Storytime page!

We have moved our story books onto the whole school page so that they are not on the website twice.  To find them, click on Our Learning, English, Stories from your teachers. There are stories from other teachers in school there too.

Mrs Stephenson's story-telling stories about Frank are still on this page.

Mixed up Fairy Tales

Listen to these stories that have been mixed together. Is anything the same? Is anything different?

Mr Wolf and the Three Bears.mp4Story Time Book 34 - The Great Fairy Tale Disaster.mp4

Mr Wolf's Pancakes

Have a Listen to Mrs Hill Read Mr Wolf's Pancakes. We can't seem to get it the right way up, so if you feel dizzy here is another version too.

Mr Wolf's Pancakes.MOVMr Wolf's Pancakes, by Jan Fearnley.mp4

Other Wolf Stories

Are wolves always big and bad? Have a listen to the stories below and make up your own mind.

Frank's Stories

Mrs Stephenson is adding stories about her sausage dog, Frank, to this section. She is telling the stories so the children will need to listen carefully. Being able to listen to a story and follow it, without pictures to help, is an important skill.

Frank & Colin

Mrs Stephenson tells a bedtime story about Frank the sausage dog, and his best friend Colin.  They like different things and they are still friends.  Snuggle down and drift off to sleep as Mrs Stephenson tells you all about the happy pair. Sweet dreams!

Frank and Colin story.m4a

Can you listen carefully to the story?


Frank and Audrey

Another bedtime story told by Mrs Stephenson.  This time, we meet Frank's friend Audrey.  They like such different things.

Frank and Audrey bedtime story.m4a

What does Frank like baking? What does Audrey like baking?

What did you find out about bees from Frank?

Why does Audrey like reading about superheroes?

Frank and Audrey like to make silly sandwiches.  What would you put in your silly sandwich?

Frank and the Three Bears

A sausage dog twist on this popular traditional tale!

Frank and The 3 bears.m4a

Did you listen carefully? What can you remember from the story?

Why didn't Frank like the big bowl of porridge? 

How did the bears know Frank was in the bedroom?

Do you think Frank made good choices about his behaviour in the Bears' house? Why?

How you ever done something that has upset someone?  How did you make it better? What do you think Frank should do?

Little Frank Red Riding Hood

A sausage dog twist on this popular traditional tale!

Little Frank Riding Hood.m4a

Did you listen carefully? What can you remember from the story?

Where did the wolf put Grandma?

How did the Wolf and Little Frank Riding Hood get into Grandma's house? Does your door open that way? How do you unlock your door?

How do you think Frank felt when he realised Grandma was wolf?

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