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Our Focus Story


Little Red Riding Hood- By the Teachers


18.5.20 Willbee the Bumblebee

Listen to this week's story- Read by Mrs Norris.

Can you answer the reading dog's questions based on the story? PDF below.

FYXK9035.MP4reading dogs
*NEWSFLASH* *Something strange has been going on in the Teachers' Homes*

Watch the video below to help us solve the mystery.

Hmmmmmmmmmm. What could it be?

mystery bookTBJP6644.MP4

Send your guesses to the reception team on their email


Your guesses could be a written sentence, a picture, a video message or any other way you can think of.

Our Focus Book This Half Term is...

The smartest giant in town book

Well done for all of your guesses. Some of you got it correct and the rest of you had a really good guess using the clues and what you already know about stories. Well done for using your reading dogs skills and your thinking skills.

Here are some of your guesses...

The Fox in Socks

The Fox's Socks

The Empresses New Clothes

The Smartest Giant in Town

Here are part1 and part 2 of the story. These can also be found on YouTube by clicking here - Part 1

                                                         -Part 2

The Smartest Giant In Town (Part 1 of 2).wmv.mp4

Reading Activities

After you have read, listened to or watched the story a couple of times, you could have a go at helping Retrival Rex and Izzy Infer answer questions about the story.

You could do this verbally or write the answers down.

The smartest giant in town book(1)

Sentence and picture matching

There are two levels to choose from

Can you draw the story in sequence? It could be the item of clothes that he found in sequence and the animal he gave them to. Keep it simple and practise telling the story using your drawings.

Writing Activities

Write a book review for the story.

Did you like it? Why?

What was your favourite part?

Did anything surprise you?

Would you read it again?

Why should other people read it?

Here are some themed writing frames. Again, if you don't have a printer do not worry. Draw your own or just use these for reference.

Smartest Giant Topic Activities

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Make rhyming strings, sort words that rhyme, draw rhyming pictures, make up your own rhyming sentences. You do not need to print these documents, you can make your own cards, use chalk outside, paint or anyither way you can think of. There are lots of fun rhyming songs, story and games you can look for too. The 'Oi Frog' colllection are some of our favouites.

Homeworking Planner 22.6.20

This week we are continuing our learning based on Little Red Riding Hood. There are lots of fun activities based around the life of real wolves, so that children can extend their understanding of nature and it's place within our world. Have fun!

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