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Platypup and Joey's Daily Challenges

Platypup has been sending home daily challenges on Marvellous Me.  Children are not expected to do them all; they are extra challenges to dip into. These are the challenges that have been sent so far.  We would love to see some of the challenges you have done. Please email us your pictures on the class email: reception@dovecote.school

You might even get onto Platypup's page yourself!  Look out for your friends!


Exciting news! Joey has finished his quarantine period and Mr Johnson has given him special permission to come and stay with Platypup until the Lockdown has finished.  Here's their selfie from last night.  They were so pleased to see each other.  Who are you looking forward to being able to hug again after Lockdown?

July Challenges

Art Challenge


For their last challenge, Platypup and Joey have collected natural objects and made a nature collage.  I think they've done a great job! Send your photos to us to fill up the space on this page and show your art off to your friends!

Letter Challenge


Platypup and Joey are looking at the last letters in the alphabet (T-Z) and working on matching them to their lowercase letters.  Joey won the last time they played so Platypup is hoping to win this time!

Times Tables Challenge


Platypup and Joey have made some footprints with paint! Platypup counted in twos because he has two feet.  Joey counted in tens because we have ten toes!  Can you print or draw around your hands or feet and label them in twos or tens?

Weighing Challenge


We have made our own scales out of empty tins, string and a coat hanger.  You could use yoghurt pots or bottles with the tops cut off. (Remember to make rough or sharp edges safe). Platypup and Joey have found some things to weigh and are predicting which will be heavier and lighter.

Creative Challenge


Platypup and Joey have collected some interesting leaves, seeds and flowers and then used them to make pictures with their pens as well.  What will you make?

Letter Challenge


It's a bit drizzly so Platypup and Joey have decided to stay in for now and play another matching game.  They are matching lowercase letters to capital letters.  Try it as a memory game or snap and see who wins! They are matching the letters M through to S.

Rainbow Challenge


This is my favourite challenge of Lockdown! Platypup and Joey have made a rainbow out of things they found in nature! Can you make a rainbow outside this week and send us a photo?

Phonics Challenge


'ou' shout it out! Platypup and Joey are brushing up on their phonics again and watching Geraldine learn about 'ou'.  Can you make a megaphone out of paper or a toilet roll and shout out your 'ou' words?

Creative Challenge


A fun challenge to squeeze in before the weather changes again, or save for the weekend! Platypup and Joey have found leaves and flowers and made them into hats! Send us your photos of your nature hats! reception@dovecote.school

Shape Challenge


Joey and Platypup have found things to make shapes with.  They did theirs outside but you could do this inside instead if the weather doesn't improve!  What shapes can you make? Count the sides carefully!

Cutting challenge


It's not ideal weather for a nature challenge, so Platypup and Joey are going to make paper snowflakes today instead.  It might seem an odd choice for July but don't forget we looked at the 'ow' sound yesterday! Cut simple shapes to make it easier and more complicated ones to make it harder.  Send pictures of your snowflakes to us!

Phonics Challenge


It's another wet day again so Joey and Platypup are staying inside and practising their phonics.  They are looking at 'ow'  (blow the snow) with Geraldine from Mr Thorne Does Phonics on YouTube.  Can you write down words with 'ow' in? Can you write a sentence with an 'ow' word?  

Letter Challenge

The weather looks a bit dubious so Joey and Platypup have decided to stay in and practise some more letter matching.  This time, they are looking at Gg-Ll. Play as a memory game or make two sets and play as snap!


Numeral Challenge


We have made a numeral box for practising numeral recognition.  Write the numerals your child finds tricky inside.  Then add a marble or a stone.  They close the lid, shake it and then read the numeral the stone has settled on.  If your child is confident with the numerals to 20, choose a selection of numerals, including single digit ones, and add two stones or marbles.  Children can then add  two numbers together, chosen at random by the stones/marbles.

Phonics Challenge


It's a bit of a wet day again so Joey and Platypup are staying inside and practising their phonics.  They are looking at 'igh' with Geraldine from Mr Thorne Does Phonics on YouTube.  Can you write down words with 'igh' in? Can you write a sentence with an 'igh' word?

Nature Challenge

The weather seems to have improved again so Joey and Platypup have been on a nature walk.  They made special 'nature frames' and took photos of things they like in nature.  The frames show off the nature brilliantly! If you take some photos, email them to us so that they can go on Joey and Playtpup's page for your friends to see.

What super nature photos from Patriks!  Well done!

June Challenges

Letter Challenge


Platypup and Joey are playing a matching game.  They have to take it in turns to try to find an uppercase letter and a lowercase letter that match.  To make it harder, turn them over so that it becomes a memory game too!

Handwriting Challenge

w z

Joey and Playtpup practised writing 'w' and 'z' today.  Just like last week, these are very straight letters that sit on the lines.  No curvy corners!

Phonics Challenge


Joey and Platypup are taking a break from the hot sun and staying safe inside.  They are finding out about the special friend 'or' with Geraldine the Giraffe from Mr Thorne does Phonics on YouTube.

Making Challenge


Platypup and Joey have made some binoculars.  They are using them to spot things that grow.  They've already seen lots of things in the garden and are hoping I'll take them for a walk to look for more things later today! Maybe they'll see a wolf! How will you decorate your binoculars?

Nature Challenge


Platypup and Joey are searching for leaves again.  This time, they have been using a wax crayon to do leaf rubbings.   Look closely at the rubbing - can you see the shape of the leaves? What sort of marks can you see?

Handwriting Challenge


Platypup is doing handwriting today.  He is practising 'v' and 'x'.  They both sit on the line.  Remember, no flying letters! They are both straight letters so keep 'v' pointy.

Letter & Physical Challenge

IMG_8457fishing 2

Platypup and Joey are taking it in turns to go fishing today!  I  made them some letter cards using an old cereal box.  Each card has the capital letter and its matching lowercase letter.  Platypup and Joey are trying to learn all the capital letters. 

We made a fishing rod with a piece of string and a paperclip.  We turned the paper clip into a hook.  Then we added more paper clips to each of the cards. If you have a spare magnet, it will be even easier - just tape that to the string instead!

Messy Challenge


Platypup and Joey have been having messy fun today! We mixed up cornflour with water and had fun finding out how it changed when we played with it.  Then we added some food colouring too.

Handwriting Challenge


Well, the weather didn't improve for long! Joey is staying dry and practising handwriting today - 'g' and 'q'.  They both start with the 'c' curl.  Can you make their tails fall neatly below the line?

Nature Challenge

The weather has improved so Platypup and Joey went for a walk.  They tried to find three different types of leaves.  How many can you find? You might be able to find some in the garden.

Printing Challenge


Joey and Platypup have had fun printing today.  I gave them toilet rolls that I'd made into shapes and they printed with them.  There are lots of things you can print with.  What shapes can you print?

Drawing Challenge


Platypup and Joey have been drawing their favourite characters from the Little Red Riding Hood story today.  Platypup picked the wolf and Joey picked Grandma. Who is your favourite character? Can you draw it?

Messy Challenge

mud pies

Platypup and Joey are making mud pies!  They looked for interesting things to put in their pies and have left them out to bake in the sun.  I hope we get some sun - I think they might turn into mud soups though!

Handwriting Challenge


Joey has been practising handwriting.  Can you write the letters 'o' and 's'?  They both sit on the line.  Remember, no flying or tunnelling letters!

Dressing Up Challenge


Who is your favourite character from Little Red Riding Hood? Can you dress up as your favourite character?  Platypup is wearing a red cape to be Little Red and Joey has made some wolf ears and brought along a fork to help him eat Little Red and Grandma!

Phonics Challenge


Platypup and Joey are practising their phonics today.  They have been watching Mr Thorne does Phonics on Youtube and watching the 'ar' video.  Can you think of words with 'ar' in them?  How many can you write down? Can you challenge yourself to write a sentence with an 'ar' word in it?

ABC Challenge


Platypup and Joey have been learning the ABC song together.  They found a fun one on YouTube that says 'zed' not 'zee' too.  Can you sing the ABC song? Do your grown ups know it? Maybe you can use your junk instrument that you made in half term too when you sing the song.

Handwriting Challenge

handwriting ef

Platypup and Joey have been practising writing more letters.  This week they are writing 'e' and 'f'.  They have tried really hard to make 'e' sit on the line and 'f' hang down from the line.  They have tried to keep their letter shapes the same size.  How do yours look?

Technology Challenge


Platypup and Joey have been playing games online on the CBeebies website.  They like the Numberblocks one but there are lots of fun games to choose from. What will you try?

Phonics Challenge


Platypup and Joey are practising their phonics today.  They have been watching Mr Thorne does Phonics on Youtube and watching the 'ee' video.  Can you think of words with 'ee' in them?  How many can you write down? Can you challenge yourself to write a sentence with an 'ee' word in it?

Reading Challenge


Platypup and Joey are enjoying reading today.  They have been choosing free ebooks to read on the Oxford Owl website. Why don't you choose a new book to read? You can even listen to it before you read it!

Size Challenge

size teddies

Joey and Platypup have found some soft toys and ordered them from shortest to tallest.  The giant panda is even taller than they are! Can you order some of your toys from shortest to tallest?

May Challenges


Platypup and Joey won't be sending challenges over half-term.  You've worked hard on their challenges so enjoy the break!

Counting Challenge

Joey and Platypup have been finding minibeasts in the garden.  They been counting how many of each type they can find.  Mrs Norris is bit concerned about how many ants they found on the raspberry bush! Challenge yourself by adding together the number of legs on two or three minibeasts.

Exploring Challenge

Joey and Platypup have been rubbing textures today to see what patterns and marks they can find.  How many different textures can you explore?

Food Challenge

honey on toast

Platypup emerged from his game of hide and seek this morning and was feeling very hungry.  As we are thinking about bees this week, Joey made them some honey on toast to eat. Have you tried honey before?

Handwriting Challenge

handwriting c d a

Platypup and Joey were playing hide and seek today.  Platypup hid so well that Joey couoldn't find him so Joey is going solo on the challenge today! Practise writing the letter 'c'.  Then use that motion to help you practise 'a' and 'd'.

Technology Challenge


Platypup and Joey have been taking selfies on my phone again so I set them a challenge to change their photos. Joey has turned himself into a bee and Platypup has added a hat and sunglasses to keep himself safe in the sun. How can you change your photos? 

Creative Challenge

flower printing

It's a lovely, sunny day and Platypup and Joey have been imagining what the flowers the seeds we planted might grow into. They have been using forks to print flowers shapes with paint and cotton buds to add details.


We'd love to see your fabulous flower pictures.  Email them to us and we'll add them to Platypup and Joey's page.


Talking & Tech Challenge


Platypup and Joey have been really missing their friends so today they video called Robodog.  Here's a photo from their call.  They really enjoyed talking to Robodog.  There was lots of laughter! Can you call a friend or someone in your family?  Make sure you have a grown up to help you.

Handwriting Challenge

handwriting p k

Platypup and Joey are practising handwriting again.  Joey is using felt tip pens and Platypup is using flour! How will you practise writing 'p & k'?

Games Challenge


Platypup and Joey are playing games today.  They are having to take turns and play fairly. Can you play a game with someone today? Remember to say 'well done' if someone else wins.


VE Day


We hope you enjoyed the VE Day celebrations.  Platypup and Joey had a picnic in the front garden and enjoyed helping the Norris children to make bunting.  They especially enjoyed eating the cakes that Mrs Norris made!

Handwriting Challenge

handwriting h m

Can you carefully practise writing 'm & h'? Joey has used flour to write in and Platypup has used felt tips.

Numberblocks Challenge

Numberblocks 20

Platypup and Joey have been watching the Numberblocks.  We were working on our teen numbers before school closed so they have been practising counting to 20.

Can you make collections of twenty and count them accurately? Maybe you can group your items in twos or fives and count them in twos or fives for a challenge.

Repeating Pattern Challenge

fuit patterns

Platypup and Joey raided the fruit bowl today and made repeating patterns with the fruit.  Then they ate some of it for a healthy snack afterwards. Can you make patterns with things in your house?  It doesn't have to be fruit!

Science Challenge


Platypup and Joey are having fun with bubbles today. You need a plastic bottle, an old sock, some washing up liquid and a bowl of water.  Get a grown up to cut the bottom off the bottle and then put the old sock over it.  You need to pull it tight across the bottom.  Mix some washing up liquid into some water in the bowl.  Then put the sock end of the bottle into the water.  Lift it out and blow through the hole at the top.  You should make a long bubble snake! 

Have fun seeing what you can do.  Does the same thing happen with a baggy sock on the end? What about if you use a bigger bottle? Or more/less washing up liquid or water? What's the longest bubble snake you can blow? Is it better to blow hard or gently?

Physical Challenge

obstacle course(1)

Platypup and Joey have been doing an obstacle course in the back garden today.  They had to go down the slide, through the tunnel, in and out of the plant pots, along the planks and across the stepping stones. Can you spot them balancing? Can you make an obstacle course out of things you have at home? We used a picnic rug and chairs to make the tunnel!

April's Challenges

Kindness Challenge


Today was meant to be a garden challenge but the weather is awful so Platypup and Joey came up with something better: tidy up your toys! Before bedtime, make sure that you have tidied away your toys so that your grown up can put their feet up when you've gone to bed! #kindnesschallenge

Science Challenge


Platypup and Joey have done a science experiment today. They have made a storm. The water is the air, the shaving foam is the clouds and the food colouring is the rain.  See what happens when you put the food colouring in the clouds! Top tip: don't make the 'cloud' too high over the top of the jar - it gets very messy!

Imagination Challenge


Joey and Platypup are so happy to see each other.  They are catching up over a picnic.  It's too wet outside so they are having an indoor picnic.  Can you work out what the brown fruit is that Joey has?  Can you set up a teddy bears' picnic? Maybe you can write place names for your teddies.

Making Challenge


The animals in our story made a crown for the giant because he was so kind to them.  Platypup made a rainbow crown with paper, felt tips, crayons and selloptape.  How will you decorate your crown?

Making Challenge


Can you make a 'doubling wand' to use in maths this week? Platypup and I made ours this morning.  I taped a star onto a stick and Platypup taped hearts onto a crayon.  (He had the great idea to double his heart and make two!) I'd love to see your wand if you make one! reception@dovecote.school

Handwriting Challenge


Can you carefully write the letters j, u & y? Take care with them and make them look neat! You could use water and a brush outside, you could write in a shallow tray of salt, with a pencil, with coloured pens or paint.  You choose!

Child P wand(1)
Child A double wand
Child J crown

Handwriting Challenge


Can you carefully write the letters r, b & n? Take care with them and make them look neat! You could use water and a brush outside, you could write in a shallow tray of salt, with a pencil, with coloured pens or paint.  You choose!

PE Challenge


Platypup is playing sock ball today.  Ball up a pair of socks and find different containers. Can you throw your sock ball into the containers?  Challenge yourself by getting different sized containers or standing by further away.  Can you spot Platypup's sock ball in the photo?

Google Animals Challenge


Platypup went on safari in the little car and found a tiger! Can you find any animals in your house or garden?

Google search for an animal and then click on the 3D button to make the animal 'appear' nearby.  There are about twenty animals available so far.

google animal
Child P 3D animal

Handwriting Challenge


Platypup has been practising the letters 'l, i & t'. He has been writing them carefully with water, pens and paint.  It doesn't look neat for long when you use water!

Yoga Challenge


Platypup is doing a yoga challenge.  Search for Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube and you will find lots of great yoga videos for children.  Platypup is doing the Trolls yoga with Princess Poppy.

Writing Challenge


Platypup, with a little help from my daughter, has written a sentence today.  Can you write a sentence about something you have done this week? If you want to show off your writing, send a picture to: reception@dovecote.school
Your writing might even make it onto the website!

March's Challenges

Cuddle Challenge!


Platypup was sad about not seeing all the Reception children so he came home to Mrs Norris' family. Give your favourite teddy and big cuddle at bedtime!

Art challenge


Platypup made a rainbow picture to put in the window to remind people we are all in this together.


What pictures have you made for your window?

Keep fit challenge


Platypup has been doing the daily Joe Wicks workout on Youtube live.  We have to use the laptop in one room and the telly in another so we don't bump into each other!

Name writing challenge


Playtpup wrote his name in lots of different colours.  You could make this challenge harder by writing your surname too, or even adding your middle name!

Maths Challenge


Platypup lined up some of our shoes from biggest to smallest.  Then he counted how many there were.  To challenge yourself, add more pairs of shoes or count them in twos.

Story Challenge


Platypup asked my daughter to share a story with him.  Ask someone to read a story to you and talk about what happened in the story. Who was the main character? What happened? Why do you think the character felt sad/happy (if they did)?

Drawing Challenge


Platypup drew a picture of his favourite animal.  Some of you have already sent your pictures to us at:




Platypup watched a Numberblocks episode on cbeebies iplayer. He watched an episode about the numbers 11-15 because that is what we were learning about in maths at school.  Then he tried to remember that 11 is ten and one, 12 is ten and two etc.  Can you work out the teen numbers like Platypup did?

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