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Physical development

Here are some activities for you to try at home.

Making a sandwhich

Making a sandwhich develops lots of physical skills, inclusing scooping,  spreading and coordinating both hands wo work together. In addition it teaches safe chopping and hygeine.

sandwich 1

Can you make a sandwich like Mrs Watson has? Always wash your hands and let an adult help you with anything that is tricky. Follow these pictures and make a yummy sandwich for your lunch! Can you write your recipe out and send it to us? We would love to see your sandwiches! Why not send a photo?


Jumping Fun


Keeping Fit at Home

Below are some fun ways to keep fit while at home. Have fun doing work out videos and yoga together. It is fun for the grown ups to join in with too.

'The Body Coach' is doing a Morning PE session Mon-Fri at 9am live on You Tube. You could build this into your daily routine. Keep active everyone. We will be fit and flexible on our return to school!


Work out videos

5 minute move 1- Click here

5 minute move 2- Click here

5 minute move 3- Click here

8 minute workout- Click here

Fun Family Cardio workout- Click here

Kids 25 minute workout- Click here

Zumba Kids- Click here



T-Rex Yoga- Click here

Spiderman Yoga- Click here

Pokemon Yoga- Click here

Pirate Yoga- Click here

Frozen Yoga- Click here

Trolls Yoga- Click here

Animal yoga- Click here


Schools Sports Nottingham Weekly Challenge

School Sports nottingham have released a weekly exercise challenge card for you to do in your own home. 

s sp nott

Fine-motor and hand strengthening

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Playdough Recipe

dough disco
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