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Reading, Writing, Phonics

This page has learning support for phonics, reading and writing. If you want any other help and advice contact the reception team


FREE online Books on Oxford Owls

Oxford owls has lots of e-books that you can access for free. You can read the story together or your child can read alone. They could attempt the page then press the listen back. They could also just listen to it being read to them with headphones in.

Click Here to go to the site


Reading for Pleasure

Here are some top tips for supporting children's reading at home. We want our children to grow into competant readers who get lots of pleasure from it. 

reading for pleasure poster

RWI Phonics

Supportive Resources

Here are some resources to support your child's spelling, tricky words (red words) and an explanation about phonics, helping you to help them.


Click these links to take you directly there:



If you are not sure which set your child should be accessing then email your class teacher to ask.

Set 2 Resources

Here are some set 2 sound activities. These are for the children who use the back of the RWI sheet and are using the 'special friends'. You might feel your child is ready to start learning them. 

Twinkl Phonics activities

Below are a range of activities that we have downloaded from twinkl. They arw split into phases, which link to the 'Letters and sounds' scheme of work. I have linked them with the 'Set 1/2/3' that Read Write Inc uses

Twinkl is still FREE for families- Link found on the reception main page

If you don;t have a printer do not worry. Open the activities on a device for you child to refer to or copy them.



Here are some phonics and reading resources to support you at home. There are also lots of activities on the learning links above and of course don't forget the importance of reading and handling real books.

The Reading dogs are there to support you in your questioning while reading with your child and to your child. They help your child to build all of the skills that they need to become acomplished readers.

reading list(1)


Here are some writing resources to support you with your writing at home. There will be writing tasks linked to the weekly story that we put up below. There are also some generic writing frames that you can adapt to anything that you have been up to together.

E.g. Writing instructions for...

Writing a story about...

Writing a recount of your day...

Use the RWI mat to the left to help you to spell. You have received a couple of these in the past, so may already have it printed off.

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